Things to know about Belgium

Belgium is a wonderful holiday home destination with beautiful landscapes, many attractions and plenty of opportunities to explore and discover a rich and fascinating culture. You may be interested to know that the country has an area of just 30,519 square kilometres, its small size making is really easy to see everything you would like to whilst on your family holidays abroad. There are also just over 11,250,500 inhabitants living in Belgium. Whilst self-catering in Belgium, you will need to pay in Euros as the currency and remember that the power supply is 220 volts, meaning you may need an adaptor whilst self-catering in Belgium.

Public holidays to remember whilst self-catering Belgium

As with all countries, there are certain days that banks and other amenities will be shut whilst you rent holiday cottages in Belgium and public transport may be slow or not in operation to celebrate an official holiday. Please make a note of these and consider them before booking your direct holiday homes.

  • Between 1 January - New Year
  • Easter Monday
  • May 1 - Labor Day
  • Mid / end of May - Ascension
  • Second Whit Monday
  • July 11 - Feast of the Flemish Community (Flanders)
  • July 21 - National Holiday
  • In mid-August - Assumption
  • September 27 - Feast of the Walloon Community (Wallonia)
  • November 1 - All Saints Day
  • November 11 - Armistice 1918
  • December 25 - Christmas

Holiday cottages in Belgium – Diverse languages

Variety in language in the various regions of Belgian is an interesting facet of Belgian culture. Belgian residents speak a mixture of Dutch, French and German depending on where you visit. There are also a number of dialects spoken across the country, but English is also widely spoken and understood as well. Generally, the north of the country is occupied by Dutch-speaking Belgians. Whereas in the south of Belgium, the French language dominates. A very small population in the southeast are German speakers. You may see different road signs whilst you are renting holiday cottages in Belgium, for example, depending on where you are staying.

Belgian cities

Belgium's lovely regions are studded with some excellent cities that are highly recommended for a visit, such as Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp and, of course, Brussels. Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, but the capital of the European Union and the designated centre of European politics. Rent a holiday letting in Brussels and be sure to travel to this city, where you can learn even more about Belgium. Brussels' past dates back to 11th century, where it was formed as a small dukedom. Having evolved over the years, this is the real heart of the country, proving to be a vital hub for finance, technology and government.

Climate whilst self-catering Belgium

Belgium has a temperate maritime climate generally with July and August being the warmest average months, whilst January and February are the coldest. However, there are considerable differences between the various areas for holiday cottages Belgium. In the mountainous area east of the Meuse and Sambre, there is a so-called temperate continental climate. The influence of the sea here is the lowest and the temperature differences are greatest (summer 15,5 ° C; winter 0.4 ° C). Because the area is higher, it is in the summer there is not as warm as in the rest of Belgium. The annual rainfall amounts to the national average 852 mm, making vegetation very lush and allowing for active forest holidays in places like Hallerbos in Halle.

Discover history on your holiday

Belgium's past is fascinatingly chequered with centuries of invasion and war, leaving behind some intriguing and sobering relics of some of the largest conflicts of recent history. Rent a holiday home in Belgium and see cities and fields unfold, telling their story in a remarkable way. WWII is commemorated in a series of monuments, museums and memorials, whilst WWI battlefields also represent a large part of the history of Belgium. Often called the 'cockpit of Europe', Belgian history is closely intertwined with its neighbouring countries and territorial battles.

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