Holiday cottages in Belgium - Belgian Culture

Belgium is a medium-sized country which is home to a number of small cities - the most famous of which being the capital of Brussels. Many of Belgium's cities have long, often complex, individual histories; why not discover them during your next self-catering holiday in Europe? We offer 200 holiday cottages in Belgium located in both beautiful rural locations and close to the centre of Belgium's charming towns and cities. You can even select dog-friendly cottages for your Belgium accommodation. Belgium is divided into two separate and distinctly different regions; holiday homes in Flanders - where Flemish is widely spoken - and the region of holiday cottages in Wallonia, where the official language is French. The official main languages of Belgium are Dutch and French, although German is widely spoken. House are usually terraced along ancient networks and dotted with churches and marketplaces in the centre. Start experiencing the unique Belgian culture today!

Self-catering Belgium - typical Belgian culture

Belgium is considered the diamond capital of the world and the industry still makes an enormous contribution to the economy each year! Nowhere is this clearer that in the famous ‘Diamond District’ of Antwerp; here you can buy diamonds of every conceivable type - maybe you will treat yourself or be treated during your holiday in Belgium. Belgium is also often considered the home of the finest beers in the world; with more than 450 varieties of Belgian beer on offer it is a paradise for beer enthusiasts! Beer is officially recognised as the national drink of Belgium and so the brewing - and consumption - of it is a serious matter in Belgian culture. The so-called 'Trappist beer' gains its name due to the fact that it is brewed in Monasteries. There are lots of other woderful elements of Belgian cuisine for you to discover in Belgium.

Belgium holiday cottages - cultural offerings in Belgium

Aside from the idyllic natural beauty and excellent cuisine; Belgium has plenty of cultural offerings for you to enjoy during your stay in one of our holiday cottages in Belgium. From Brussels to Wallonia you will be surprised at the number and quality of great restaurants, bistros and bars as well as shopping areas. For jazz lovers; there is the annual Brussels Jazz Marathon - where tourists and locals alike can enjoy a wide range of international musical offerings, for free! Art and literature are also prodigious in Belgian culture and the country is home to dozens of both old and new art museums. For music lovers, there really is no better way to indulge your passion than with a visit to the Museum of Musical instruments during your Belgian break.

Self-catering Belgium accommodation - Folklore and cultural experiences

If visiting self-catering Belgium in July, then you will be lucky enough to witness the Ommegang Festival which takes place each year in Brussels. This medieval pageant has its roots in folklore and involves participants dressing up in brightly coloured and exquisitely decorated costumes and then parading through the streets. It is just one of the many interesting aspects of the history of Belgium. As well as a host of other festivals which take place throughout the year; Belgium has beautiful palaces, gardens and churches - a memorable day out during your self-catering holiday in Belgium at any time of year. During the summer, head to the Ardennes to enjoy a range of outdoor pursuits.

Holiday homes in Belgium – Belgian pastimes

There are markets held in central market places - such as the Grand Place, regarded as one of the most beautiful squares in Europe - all year long, but the traditional Belgian Christmas markets are especially wonderful - perfect for an enchanting winter holiday in Belgium. Belgium has also given us such cultural treasures as the famous cartoon characters of TinTin ans ‘Suzy and Spike’. The Belgians love their comic books and cartoon characters, so much so that you can visit the official Comic Book Museum! If travelling with children for your self-catering holiday in Europe, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of activities for them in Belgium; including a number of amusement parks, countless playgrounds and child-friendly museums! Of course, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to enjoy the cuisine of Belgium as well as learning about the history of the country.