Discover Austria's colourful history - holiday cottages in Austria

As is typical of many countries in Europe, Austria has an eventful and at times turbulent past; why not learn about it during your next self-catering holiday to Austria? By choosing to stay in one of NOVASOL's holiday lettings in Austria you are ensuring that you have the freedom and flexibility to spend your holiday exactly as you wish, so you can uncover the past which has helped to shape the country's present! Visit one of Austria's many museums, churches and other historical landmarks which make up this fascinating country and tell the story of its past.

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A wealth of cultural and historical treasures to be discovered whilst self-catering Austria

Austria has an impressive history for your to discover whilst staying in one of our self-catering villas in Austria. Many of its buildings are of great architectural and cultural value. You find monumental churches, old monasteries, impressive castles, historic fortresses, comprehensive museums and beautiful official buildings. As a result of Austria's varied past, its cities are architecturally diverse, with buildings that showcase all the periods of Western European history; Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau, postmodernism and others. Austria's contemporary architecture is well known and very famous outside the country. We would recommend taking the time to stroll around one of Austria’s lovely cities during your self-catering Austria holiday.

The Habsburg Empire - Villas in Austria

The House of Hapsburg dominates Austrian history for nearly 650 years. The centre of the kingdom is Hofburg in Vienna, elements of this time are still visible when staying in our Vienna apartments. Austria becomes a world power under the Hapsburgs, and an empire under Frederick III. Through shrewd marriages, the Habsburgs gain influence in France and even become the rulers of Spain and Spain’s overseas colonies.

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Turbulent times following the French Revolution - Self-catering Austria

The French Revolution and Napoleon’s rise to power lead to many changes. Austria is drawn into the Napoleonic Wars, and in 1814-15 the Congress of Vienna takes place. As a consequence of the revolution, Austria’s Emperor and his chancellor impose censorship and restrictions of liberty. Citizens meet in salons and coffeeshops and cultivate the arts, which is why there is such a fantastic offering of cultural experiences for you to enjoy whilst staying in one of our holiday lettings in Austria.

19th century Austria - holiday homes in Austria

Discover the wonders of 19th Century Austria whilst self-catering Austria. The bourgeoisie rebel against Franz I, and Emperor Franz Joseph takes power. His wife Elizabeth, the famous ‘Sisi’, is to this day seen as a symbol of the Austrian Empire. The king of the waltz Johan Strauss is celebrated throughout the world. Sigmund Freud begins to develop the theory of psychoanalysis and the Viennese Art Nouveau movement produces unique works of art and architecture. The movement includes the painters Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele and the architects Otto Wagner and Adolf Loos.

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War, economic strife and political conflict - self-catering Austria

The shooting of heir to the Austrian throne Archduke Franz Ferdinand sparks off WWI. After the war Austria becomes a republic. Civil war ensues as a result of a bad economy and domestic conflict. WWII begins and the German army invades Austria annexing it into Hitler’s national-socialist Reich. There are many monuments to this period of history for you to explore from your self-catering accommodation in Austria or Vienna apartments.

Modern Austrian history - Self-catering Austria accommodation

Uncover the modern history which shaped the Austria of today. Austria is resurrected as a republic, but remains occupied by the Allied victors of WWII. Finally in 1955, 'The Austrian State Treaty' is signed by the Allies, and after declaring its perpetual neutrality, Austria is given back its independence. In 1995 Austria joins the EU. As you will discover during your self-catering holiday in Austria, the country is now one of the most advanced in Western Europe and a real cultural hub.