Last Minute Holiday Homes in France

France is the king of last minute holidays. The close proximity of French destinations, both by car and by plane means that its super easy to get to French villas for family holidays. Driving to villas in France is affordable and straightforward, and money saved on flights can be spent on delicious French cuisine instead! If, however, you are off to Provence, a quick flight will get you there in no time, and you might even be able to squeeze a quick sunbathe in before dinner. NOVASOL has a fantastic range of holiday homes across France, so have a browse and see what takes your fancy.

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Self-catering in France

For families, self-catering in France is a holiday option which provides maximum flexibility and value for money. If you have a young family who aren’t yet enthusiastic about flying long distances, then a villa in France could be the answer, especially in northern destinations such as Normandy and Brittany that can be reached in the car. While staying in self-catered accommodation, the wonders of France open up to interested families with loads of local activates to enjoy. Active families who enjoy cycling, kayaking and other pursuits will be kept busy in France, whichever time of the year you visit.

Last minute holidays

When you are tight for time and money, last minute holidays can be the only option. NOVASOL is proud to offer holiday homes in France all-year-round, not just in the peak season, so you have options whenever you travel. Perhaps you can’t get away until October, or fancy an early break in Easter to beat the summer rush. Maybe you need a quick holiday and some accommodation for next weekend. Whatever the reason, French villas and apartments are only a couple of hours away and you don’t have to worry about whether there are direct flights.

Gites in Normandy

For convenience, Normandy holiday homes cannot be beaten. The region, located in northern France, just across the channel, is so easy to get to and yet remains quintessentially French. Cottages and gites in Normandy give families the ability to explore this diverse region, with highlights that include the Bayeux Tapestry and countless wide sandy beaches across its expansive northern coast. On a last minute holiday in the west of the region, visit the iconic Mont Saint Michelle – an castle-like island which rises up from the water, a kilometre from the coast.

Brittany holiday cottages

Brittany is a great region to visit for quiet towns and picturesque fishing villages. If you are in need of a relaxing last minute break, away from the stresses of work life, this could be the place for you. Located to the west of Normandy, the region has a large coastline, full of open beaches which are quiet in the off season. If you enjoy eating seafood, this one of the best regions for holiday homes in France, with speciality dishes such as moules frites and oysters. The prices here are quite reasonable too, particularly if you stay out of tourist hotspots such as Saint-Malo.

Villas in western France

NOVASOL has plenty of French villas to choose from in the west of the country, particular in the Loire Valley and the Dordogne. These areas are all about rural sophistication, and you with find some of our biggest holiday homes in France here. Browse our range to find everything from small country cottages to vast chateaux – perfect for weddings and large family gatherings. While staying in holiday lettings, enjoy the delicious wine of western France, especially in the Dordogne region where famous Bergerac is grown in vast vineyards before being exported all over the world.

Villas in Provence

If you want to increase your chances of sunshine on a last minute holiday to France, head to the south of the country and the glamorous region of Provence. This part of the country is the most popular with French tourists, and it’s easy to see why with the Mediterranean climate, golden beaches and fascinating Roman ruins. NOVASOL’s Provence villas often have stylish pools, perfect for cooling off and taking in the rays. If you are staying for just a weekend, the ancient city of Arles – once a Roman provincial capital – is well worth a visit. The city has a Roman amphitheatre and was the inspiration for many of Van Gogh’s paintings which are displayed in Foundation Vincent Van Gogh in the centre.

Villas in Corsica

The island of Corsica, home of Napoleon, is a fabulous place to rent villas in France. Located just above Sardinia, the island is populated on the coast with cities and towns but has rugged and untouched interior. Being so close to Italy, Corsica has a mix of French and Italian influences – something that can be deliciously discovered at local restaurants. Villas in Corsica are all about relaxation and so don’t require lots of planning before you get there – perfect for a last minute trip.

French food and wine

Of course, one of the main reasons to visit France is for the world-beating cuisine. On family holidays, you want to enjoy the best food and wine available, and it is important to have plenty of choice for everyone. From holiday homes in France, venture into the local towns and villages and marvel at the cheese shops and explore the Saturday markets. If you are a meat-lover, there is certainly lots on offer, best washed down with a glass of local vino.

NOVASOL Holiday Homes

With over 4,500 holiday homes in France, NOVASOL provides plenty of choice to families. Filter our cottages, apartments and villas in France by location, number of bedrooms and star rating to find the home that is just right for you. If you are travelling last minute, and don’t have time to check every last detail, don’t fear; all of our holiday homes are hand-selected and visited by our team before being offered to our customers.

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