Holidays by the Beach in Portugal

Portugal is a famous seafaring nation. It was the Portuguese who were the first Europeans to travel to the furthest reaches of the world, drawing the first maps and discovering, for Europeans, all manner of wonders in far away lands. Famous Portuguese explorers like Vasco da Gama looked to the sea as the source of his country’s riches and the base of its identity. These days, Portuguese culture is very much intertwined with coastal life, making the nation a great destination of seaside villa holidays. Portugal is also somewhat of a hidden gem on the edge of Europe, loved by all who visit for its glorious beaches and relaxed way of life.

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Beaches and culture on villa holidays in Portugal

Portugal has some absolutely fantastic beaches along its coast, particularly in the southern regions such as the Algarve. When self-catering with NOVASOL, these beaches open up to flexible travellers who enjoy the quiet coves, deserted inlets and busy tourist areas on villa holidays. Portugal is not a large country, but it punches far above its weight with its natural beauty and vibrant culture.

Portugal villas in the Algarve

The Algarve is one of the most popular destinations for Portugal villa holidays, and its unsurprising when you consider its fabulous beaches, incredible weather and relaxing atmosphere. Only a collection of sleepy fishing villages in the 1960s, the southern coast of the Algarve is now a major destination with plenty of attractions to visit from rented villas. Portugal is lined with great beaches, but the Algarve has more than anywhere else. The best beach in the region is Praia de Tavira Beach on the island of Tavira; a beach of glistening golden sand that stretches on further than the eye can see.

Alentejo holiday lettings

For slightly quieter beachside villa holidays in Portugal, venture north out of the Algarve to the region of Alentejo. This large region, located between the Algarve in the south and the rest of Portugal, has a large stretch of Atlantic coastline, dotted with charming fishing towns and fun beaches. Rent villas in Portugal here and enjoy Comporta Beach, outside the town of Alcácer do Sal – a beach popular with high flying Lisbonites who visit on sunny weekends away. For a slice of history in Alentejo, wander around the historical capital of Évora and have a take a tour of its Roman temple and large cathedral.

Explore Lisbon and the nearby beaches

The Portuguese capital Lisbon is a great place to explore on seaside holidays in Portugal. Villas and apartments in in Lisbon can be rented with NOVASOL, providing an excellent platform for city exploration. The city centre of Lisbon is refreshingly lacking in major historical and cultural sites, leaving visitors to enjoy the atmosphere and the vibe of the city rather than rushing from museum to museum. Lisbon is a city where you sit about in cafés and see where the day takes you rather than following a strict itinerary. For trips to the beach, a short train ride will take you to the beachside resort of Estoril, lined with golden sandy beaches and restaurants.

Porto accommodation

Portugal’s second city, Porto is a marvellous place to stay or visit on Portugal villa holidays. NOVASOL has a strong range of Porto accommodation from villas in the suburbs to apartments in the centre. All holiday lettings are within easy reach of Porto’s attractions which include the famous São Francisco Church with its gold-leaf interior and the many port wine museums and warehouses than dot the city. For a quiet beach day close to the Porto, try Miramar Beach, 7 miles south of the city; you will find a lazy sandy beach which is relaxing even during peak season.

Costa de Prata – Portugal villa holidays on the Atlantic coast

The Costa de Prata, known as the ‘Silver Coast’, is located on Portugal’s Atlantic coast between the cities of Lisbon and Porto. This 900km-long stretch of coastline is brimming with fun activities and has some of the best beaches to enjoy while self-catering in Portugal. Villas in this region are baked in sun all year round, as are the golf-courses which number in the hundreds and are a major attraction for international visitors. If you fancy testing your clubs on villa holidays in Portugal, the Costa de Prata is the place to go.

Villas in Portugal on the island of Madeira

Madeira is unlike anywhere else in Portugal. Villa holidays here are all about enjoying the rugged and wild environment of the Atlantic Ocean; a far different atmosphere from the tranquil Portuguese countryside. Tourists staying on the island enjoy climbing the rocky outcrops on the coast as well as hiking in the tall mountains which rise up in the centre of the island. You are never far from the sea in Madeira, especially with a NOVASOL holiday home which will place you right next to one of the island’s best beaches.

Weather and food on Portugal villa holidays

Portugal’s baking hot weather makes it a popular destination for villa holidays all year round. It is not uncommon for temperatures to hit 35 degrees in the summer in the Algarve, while the temperatures in the autumn and spring are usually in the comfortable lower 20s. Throughout the year, refreshing winds off the Atlantic help to keep it from feeling too hot. This gorgeous weather is complemented by the delicious food which can be enjoyed on the streets of Lisbon as well as the terraces of villas in Portugal. For breakfast, custard tarts are the best option if you are staying near Lisbon, but for lunch and dinner it has to be seafood, fished freshly out of the Atlantic.

Choose NOVASOL villas in Portugal

NOVASOL has a number of stunning apartments and villas in Portugal for all family and group sizes. Whether you are looking for city-break accommodation or a month-long holiday letting in the Algarve, rent a villa with NOVASOL and experience great quality for an affordable price. All NOVASOL’s villas in Portugal are individually selected to ensure that families and couples have best experience when exploring this magical country.