Fishing Holidays in Finland

Finland prides itself in its natural beauty and outdoor activities. In many areas, the Scandinavian country is still an untamed wilderness, populated by wild beasts such as bears, wolves and moose, and is a great place to see nature. This extends to Finland’s fishing and angling which is exceptional throughout the year, particularly in the famous Lake District which dominates a large chunk of the country. NOVASOL has a range of Finland holiday cottages, with most positioned nearby lakes and rivers in the Lake District. These holiday cottages are perfect for anglers in the family who want to spend time fishing on holiday without having to travel great distances or fight for good spots.

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Fishing in Finland

Finland has a strong tradition of fresh water fishing, particularly in its Lakes District. The country boasts more than 50 species of fish, of which over 20 are regularly caught by fishermen. Even better, there is no licence needed for angling in Finland, saving enthusiasts money and stress when visiting the country. The money you save on the license can be put into good quality equipment when you are out there or spent on transporting your rods and lines from home. Many of our Finland holiday homes have special areas for preparing equipment and catch which makes the experience smoother and more rewarding.

Finland cottages – a way of life

Perhaps even more popular than fishing in Finland is the holiday cottage itself. Many urban-living Fins have their own cottage in the countryside or on the lakes which they retreat to each summer for extensive family holidays. Many also rent their homes out to tourists who visit every year to enjoy the natural environment and activities of Finland. Cottages offer a homely, warm environment, especially those with saunas which are a big national tradition. There are estimated to be 1.7 million saunas in Finland, with 90% of Fins visiting a sauna at least once a week. NOVASOL has a number of Finland cottages with luxurious saunas which are perfect after a day out on the water.

Angling from Finland cottages in the Lake District

The Finish Lake District is one of the largest areas of lakes in Europe with over 180,000 lakes and over 640 rivers. This makes for a tranquil and idyllic landscape with fresh, smooth waters reflecting green, rolling landscapes. When staying in Finland holiday rentals in this region, there are often postcard views in every direction. With so much water – 25% of the region is made up of lakes – anglers are spoilt for choice on self-catering holidays.

What’s the catch?

Many different species of fish can be caught in Finish rivers and lakes. The most commonly caught species are pike and perch, but salmon can also be caught in the larger bodies of water. After extensive efforts from the Finish government to support sustainable fishing, fish stocks in Finland’s rivers and lakes have recovered to high levels over the last 30 years – meaning that there is plenty to catch for visitors on family holidays. Rent a NOVASOL cottage with fishing facilities and have all the equipment at your disposal to catch as many fish as possible.

Mikkeli – Finland cottages

The town of Mikkeli is a wonderful place to rent holiday homes in Finland. Connected to the surrounding area by roads and waterways, the town is also fun to visit while self-catering in the region. In and around the town there are a number of fantastic castles with extensive gardens and towering walls which children are sure to find impressive. Also, inside many of these castles, families can enjoy some of the finest Finish cuisine such as pickled fish, sausages known as Grillimakkara, and delicious cinnamon buns. Families who rent Finish apartments are often surprised by the quality and refinement of the cuisine which is beginning to develop a reputation across the world for pushing the boundaries of cooking.

Visit Helsinki with Finish apartments

As the capital of Finland, Helsinki is the major hub of the country and a centre for art and culture. The city has a reputation as one of the greenest in Europe, with extensive parks and outdoor areas for children and families to enjoy. When staying in Finish apartments in Helsinki, enjoy the relaxed way of life which involves eating out in restaurants and going to bars in the evening. If you get the chance, pop into some of Helsinki’s swanky new restaurants serving the New Nordic Cuisine – a food movement which prioritises fresh ingredients and new techniques.


As a Danish company, NOVASOL has a strong interest in providing high quality Scandinavian holiday homes to families across Europe. Our range of Finland cottages is concentrated in the Lake District region of the country which is most popular with tourists who want to fish and go walking. Our Finish team works hard to make sure our Finland cottages are right for families by selecting and visiting each home individually before adding it to our range. We also agree a low-price guarantee with our homeowners to ensure that families get the lowest possible price when booking through NOVASOL, helping to keep costs down.