City Breaks in Lisbon

The Portuguese capital of Lisbon, located on the south-western Atlantic coast of the country, is a cultural gem on the edge of the Europe. The city, with its mixture of long, straight boulevards and winding, vertical climbs, is as charming as it is relaxing for visitors. NOVASOL has a number of villas and apartments in Lisbon, perfect for exploring the city and taking in the surrounding area. With warm sunny weather from April to November, it’s easy to visit Lisbon at any time of year and keep your costs down.

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Rent Lisbon apartments and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere

Few cities in Europe provide the level of relaxation of Lisbon. Whereas tourists in other European capitals run around from dawn-till-dusk, fighting through the crowds while ticking off museums, visitors to Lisbon enjoy the atmosphere, sitting out in the sun-baked streets drinking coffee, local wine and Portuguese beer. Portugal villas and apartments in Lisbon are ideal for holidaymakers who want to experience a European way of life, rather than just hop between tourist traps.

Custard tarts and seafood while self-catering in Lisbon

The famous food of Lisbon is the ‘pastel de nata’ or custard tart, available on every street corner in the city centre. Staying in Lisbon accommodation in the centre, you will likely never be further than a minute's walk from a fresh custard tart, rarely costing more than €1. However, you can’t survive just on pasteis de nata all holiday, tempting though it sounds, so luckily the Portuguese have plenty else to offer. A great place for self-catering, Portugal specialises in sea-food caught fresh from the Atlantic, as well as world-renowned wines grown in vineyards throughout the countryside of central Portugal.

Warm weather all year round with Lisbon apartments

Another great asset of apartments in Lisbon or Portugal villas in general is the spectacular weather which bathes the country in warmth for much of the year. Located further south than Portugal’s other major city Porto, Lisbon is one of the warmest capitals in Europe with mild temperatures for much of the year. Rent accommodation in Lisbon in September or October and you can expect temperatures in the 20s as well as plenty of sunshine. In the hottest months, Lisbon also benefits from cooling breezes from the Atlantic which stop the city from becoming too hot.

Hit the beach at Estoril

Not many European capitals boast brilliant beaches right on their doorstep. Just a short train ride from Lisbon accommodation are the beaches of Estoril, a delightful resort up the western coast. These large, sandy beaches have plenty of deck chairs for sunbathing and are lined with cafés and bars for delicious refreshments during the hottest hours. If you desire even more beachside lounging after your city break is up, why not head down to the Algarve in the south of the country. Rent villas in Portugal here and visit some of the country’s best beaches which benefit from some of the warmest weather in Europe.

Take a day trip to Belém from Lisbon accommodation

The port of Belém, now part of the municipality of Lisbon, has key historical significance on Portugal’s ascent to the forefront of European exploration in the 15th and 16th centuries. From this then port town, famous explorers, such as Bartolomeu Dias, set off to southern Africa among other places. Belém is a rewarding place to visit on villa holidays in Portugal, and is only a short tram right from Lisbon apartments. The recognisable Belém Tower is fabulously ornate, as it the monastery which, legend has it, was where the pastel de nata originated. Just nearby, the original pastelaria sells the finest custard tarts in Lisbon.

Day trips to Sintra

The hilltop town of Sintra, famous for its picturesque old houses and magnificent views over the Portuguese countryside, is featured on many a post-card sold in the capital’s winding streets. See what all the fuss is about for yourself by hopping on a train from Lisbon accommodation and visiting for the day. The highlight of the town is Pena Palace which pokes out at the top of the hill, surveying the land below. In the winding streets which make up the majority of Sintra, tourists find delicious eateries and plenty of artisan shops.

Boogie into the night with NOVASOL’s Lisbon apartments

Lisbon is well known among travellers for its vibrant nightlife and fun restaurants and bars. It is a tradition in fact, to stop off between your Lisbon accommodation and the restaurants in one of the cities historical cherry brandy shops for a little glass or two. This is repeated also on the way home. If you are looking to have a few more drinks after the kids have gone to bed on your family holidays, the city has loads of bars and plenty of clubs for the all-night-long crowd.

History on Portugal villa holidays

Portugal has a buccaneering history, full of exploration and global intrigue. The country was at the forefront of European exploration, boasting famous explorers such as Vasco de Gama and many discoveries. This rich history seeps into Portuguese society which has a strong relationship to the sea, seen in the food and culture. Villas in Portugal are never far away from monuments and museums commemorating the great heroes and triumphs of the Exploration Period, as well as delicious restaurants selling the seafood which dominates much of the cuisine.

NOVASOL Portugal holiday homes

Portugal is a fun destination for family holidays, filled with excellent beaches, fun things to do and great weather. NOVASOL has over 50 years’ experience providing families with holiday homes in Europe, and Portugal is now one of 28 countries where we offer villas, apartments, cottages and more. Like all of our holiday homes, Portugal villas, including our Lisbon accommodation, are hand-selected and visited by our teams before being offered for rental. This ensures that week keep our unique portfolio of holiday homes to the highest quality, and that families can be confident when booking with us.