City Breaks in Split

A city break in Split is just what you need to recharge your batteries. The city is Croatia’s second largest and has so many things to do for tourists on a quick getaway. From a UNESCO World Heritage Site to fantastic beaches, Split encapsulates the laid-back Croatian attitude, making it the ideal place for a city break. NOVASOL has over 11,000 holiday homes in Croatia, with villas and apartments all down the Dalmatian Coast, including in Split. Rent one of our Split apartments and enjoy this fun-loving city, taking in its culture, food and nightlife.

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City breaks on the rise

City breaks are all the range these days. A quick escape to a European city is just the tonic for a busy working life, providing the refreshing break you need at any time of the year. With so many fabulous cities in Europe to visit, holidaymakers are spoilt for choice, but Split is one destination that is always bound to impress. NOVASOL’s villas in Croatia are a fabulous way to enjoy the country’s dynamic cities whether that be Split, Dubrovnik or Pula. Self-catering in any of these cities, visitors are able to pack their schedule if they wish, or chill out in the cafés or on the beaches.

Why Split?

Of all the cities on the Croatian coast, Split is liveliest and has the most things to do. With a population of over 200,000 people, the city is far more than just a tourist hotspot, and therefore is buzzing with activity all-year round. For self-catering, Split is a paradise with hundreds of shops, restaurants and activity opportunities. NOVASOL has a number of very central Croatian villas and apartments in the city, so it is only a short walk to where you want to be on a quick city break. Whether you are enjoying the architecture, food or beaches of Split, the jovial atmosphere is sure to rub off on you, making the stresses back home feel very far away.

Diocletian’s Palace

Undoubtedly the most charismatic and inspiring attraction in Split is Diocletian’s Palace. The palace, which stretches over a large area near to the city’s harbour, is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and as one of the best preserved pieces of Roman architecture in the Mediterranean. Walk down to the palace from Split apartments and take in this wonder of antiquity. The layout is split into four parts, each with its own impressive gate. Walking through the winding warrens and past the preserved buildings, visitors could be forgiven for thinking they were in an episode of Game of Thrones. In fact, you might well be – the area was a key filming point for the series due to its authentic environment.

More museums and cultural activities

In addition to Diocletian’s Palace, there are numerous other cultural activities to get your teeth into while self-catering. Croatia has a proud history, particularly Dalmatia which was under the influence of the independent city state of Ragusa – now Dubrovnik – for much of its Medieval history. The city of Split has many museums hosting Croatian art and artefacts. The Split Gallery of Fine Arts is home to some of country’s best art, including works by Dürer and Croatian sculpture Ivan Meštrović. Croatia’s most famous sculpture, Meštrović is honoured, also, in his own gallery in the city, a landmark which is definitely worth visiting from villas in Croatia on a city break or a longer holiday.

Visit the markets

Split apartments are great for making you feel right in the middle of things on self-catering holidays. If you like the hustle and bustle of city life, the Split markets are a must-visit on a short trip to the city. The largest market is located near the Silver Gate of Diocletian’s Palace, and usually has something going on at any hour of the day or night. The main produce on display at the market is fresh fruit and vegetables as well as other local produce such as cheeses and wine. Stop off here and pick up some food on your way to a picnic; or, make your way down here from Split accommodation for the nearby bars which open for drinks around breakfast time.

Go to the Beach

The great thing about Mediterranean city breaks is that there is often a nearby beach which can be enjoyed at your leisure. NOVASOL’s Croatian villas are frequently located close to the beach, particularly in Dalmatia, so why should a city break be any different? Split’s most popular city beach is Bačvice Beach, which located just a few minutes’ walk from the harbour. This stretch of sand and shingle is used by locals and tourists alike and is very easy to get to from Split apartments. If you are looking for quieter, or more elegant beaches, there are plenty nearby an on the islands of Split’s archipelago.

Explore the archipelago

For a break from the bustle of Split, catch a short ferry ride to one of the magnificent islands which are just a short distance from the mainland. There are 3 main islands to visit from Split’s harbour: Brac, Hvar and Vis. Of these, Hvar is the most touristy due to its beautiful old town and fun activities. All three islands have magnificent vistas and terrific beaches that are quieter than those on the mainland. Perhaps, if you enjoy your short visit to the islands during your city break, you may wish to return on a longer holiday and rent one of our Croatian villas. Some of NOVASOL’s most incredible holiday homes in Croatia are located on these islands, so have a browse to see if there are any that take your fancy.

Croatian food and wine

Whether you are renting Split apartments on a city break or villas in Croatia for a fortnight, the food and wine of the country is well worth exploring. On the Dalmatian coast, holidaymakers will find fantastic seafood, plucked fresh from the Adriatic. Enjoy delicious fish dishes such as swordfish, or dishes with an Italian influence such as pasta and risotto. Wash this delicious cuisine down with some fabulous local wine. In Split, wine from the nearby island of Hvar is available in all good restaurants as it is renowned as some of the best in all of Croatia. On self-catering family holidays, enjoy the local food and produce at your own pace, lounging in cafés or eating in local restaurants at your own leisure.