All-Inclusive Villas in France

France is a glorious destination for family holidays. The country’s vibrant culture, delicious food and a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ help to draw tourists back year on year. It helps that France is so easy to get to, especially if you are renting French holiday homes in the north in regions such as Normandy and Brittany. When staying in French villas, families are looking for one thing: a good time. The best way to have just that is to take away the stresses of extra costs by renting all-inclusive holiday homes with NOVASOL.

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No ifs or buts with all-inclusive French villas

All-inclusive means no consumption costs, no water or electricity bills, no tourist tax and no charge for bed linen and towels when you get out there. Everything is included in the original price. That means less stress and no holding back on holiday. We have all been there, hoarding currency in case of last minute charges before you leave. It’s not just annoying, it also stops you spending on the things you want like last minute presents and delicious croissants. Renting all-inclusive French holiday homes with NOVASOL, families are free to stick to their budget, or not, and spend holiday cash on the things that are really important.

All-inclusive villas in Brittany

NOVASOL has a fabulous range of all-inclusive holiday cottages in Brittany, perfect for families looking to explore this charming yet visually dramatic region. In Eastern Brittany, there is a lot going on at the port of St Malo, which has a charming walled old town and a relaxing beach just below the ramparts. Slightly up the river Rance, visitors will also find the delightful town of Dinan, with its imposing fort well worth a visit from holiday homes. France doesn’t get much more Celtic than in Brittany, and the region throws a festival celebrating these routes every August in the town of Lorient, in the south of the region. Rent all-inclusive French villas on this stretch of coastline and venture down for music and parades.

Gites in Normandy

The large region of Normandy is very popular with British families for its wide variety and proximity to the UK. If you are going for ease in Normandy, make sure you rent one of our all-inclusive French holiday homes and don’t worry about bills. Gites in Normandy are never too far from the multitude of fascinating and emotional war memorials which spot the region, as well as attractions such as the Bayeux Tapestry. For an impressive family outing, visit the incredible island of Mont Saint-Michel which rises up from the sea a few hundred meters from the shore. The site is one of the most popular attraction in France and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

French villas in the Pays de Loire

The Loire Valley is one of the most picturesque regions of France. Holiday homes here are surrounded by beautiful landscapes, featuring incredible chateaux. Some of France’s most iconic castles can be found in the valley, such as Château de Chenonceau with its distinctive bridge. Long days in the Loire can be spent by the river, splashing about or even in a canoe or kayak, paddling along. Children, in particular, enjoy canoeing on the Loire for the sense of exploration and accomplishment which comes with conquering the water. Don’t worry about getting wet or muddy on these adventures – that’s what self-catering in France is all about.

All-inclusive chateaux in the Dordogne

In the Dordogne, NOVASOL have some of our most holiday homes. Why go all-inclusive with French country cottages when you can rent an all-inclusive chateau all to yourselves? This is all possible in the Dordogne, which is full with small towns and large chateaux to visit. However, one of the most popular attractions are the caves at Lascaux which contain prehistoric cave art and a museum. It’s also worth remember that the Dordogne is located towards the south of France, so French villas with a pool are desirable for cooling off on hot days.

All-inclusive villas in Provence

Going all-inclusive in Provence is the best way to enjoy a relaxing holiday in southern France. Villas in the region get far hotter than those elsewhere in the country as they are exposed to the warm Mediterranean climate which helps to keep things mild, even in the winter. When staying in all-inclusive villas in Provence, the city of Cannes is one of the most charming attractions. Feel like a celebrity family as you walk along the stylish boulevards and pop into the fashion boutiques. It goes without saying that the French Riviera has wonderful beaches to enjoy, if you want a change from your private pool.

French food and culture

Wherever you stay in France, the food will be fantastic. French food is a treat at breakfast lunch and dinner, and enjoying it in the restaurants and cafés that dominate every town and city will put you in the holiday mood. Self-catering in France is a smart way to enjoy the cuisine, encouraging families out into the towns and cities and into the family cafés. If you want to try your own hand at French cooking, head to the markets which exists in most towns and buy some fresh produce to take back to your holiday home. Kids will love taking part in the buying and cooking of special ingredients, and so it becomes a fun night for all the family.


Over the last 50 years, NOVASOL has been providing families with exciting and comfortable holiday homes across Europe. We understand that the joy of self-catering in European destinations such as France, is the ability to spend your holiday how you like it and live by your own time. NOVASOL’s French holiday homes are meticulously selected with location and quality in mind, making sure that our families have access to all the best activities as well as comfortable villas. France is special in that large country houses and chateaux can be rented out with NOVASOL, with exclusive contracts agreed with owners for the lowest price of any provider.