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There is a reason that Hamburg is such a popular German holiday destination for both tourists and holidaymakers alike. Hamburg is the second largest city in the country after Berlin, but it certainly doesn’t take second place in other respects with its bold and intricate architecture, fascinating maritime heritage and characterful streets awash with a variety of eateries and music venues. Hamburg is connected to the North Sea by the Elbe River, but this cannot be the sole reason that it has been referred to as ‘the gateway to the world.’ For an alternative to Berlin accommodation, explore our range of fantastic city apartments in and around Hamburg.

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Cosmopolitan culture in Hamburg

Today Hamburg is a pulsating metropolis where sensitively combines contemporary architecture with unique monumental monuments. This is the city that never sleeps, and during accommodation in Germany offers its guests a variety of interesting attractions. Cultural activities can be enjoyed in countless theatres and world-renowned museums and galleries as the Hamburg Kunsthalle and the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe.

Holiday homes in Germany

Hamburg sights

Hamburg is dominated by the monumental ruins of the Gothic cathedral St. Nikolai Kirche, which until the late 19th century thanks to its 147 metre stature was the highest religious building in the world. Take this opportunity to learn some of the remarkable history of Germany on your self-catering holiday. Other sights include the old town - Altstadt, the Elbe laced with canals, lined by Renaissance townhouses, the impressive Town Hall and remarkable historical core of the Hamburg harbour.

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Excursions out of Hamburg

In addition to the breath-taking nature Elbe lowlands there you will discover the ancient treasures in the form of a proud medieval cities like Bremen and Kiel. Towards the north to Jutland, you can also explore the stunning seaside reservation insular coastal marshes Schleswig Holsteinisches Wattenmeer. Use your holiday homes in Germany to travel to Lübeck on the highway about a half hour away from Hamburg. Its Gothic Quarter Koberg, St. James, salt warehouses by the river grasses, town hall, Holsten Gate and other treasures are deservedly a World Heritage Site. Also worth seeing is also the port of Bremerhaven with a number of lighthouses, marine zoo and original museum Klimahaus climate.

History of Hamburg

Secure your holiday apartment in Germany, and discover the perfect Hamburg, founded around the year 834 as the bishop's residence. Thanks to its strategic location on a navigable river with direct access to the sea since the Middle Ages was one of the most important commercial and cultural centers of Europe and the most powerful member of a trade association Hansa. Over the Elbe here spans nearly 2,500 bridges, a European primacy.

Enjoy German cuisine in Hamburg

Hamburg's long-standing sea-faring tradition and prime waterside location mean that there is plenty of wonderful seafood to sample whilst renting accommodation in Germany. Try a simple 'Fishbrötchen' - a pickled herring roll or another variety with a fish patty and remoulade. Kale is another prized dish found aside many different dishes in Hamburg. This type of leafy cabbage is often served with boiled potatoes and works a treat with delicious German sausages. Be sure to find out more about German cuisine before you travel and to try all of Hamburg's specialties.

Stay active in Hamburg

It is tempting to take it easy and enjoy local beer and cuisine for your entire self-catering holiday, but for those interested in doing something more active than taking a stroll to your local beer hall, there is plenty to see and do. Explore Hamburg from the water with a local canoe rental, or take a boat out for the day, discovering the sights from the waterways or going fishing. On the outskirts of the city, you could even play a round of golf, or rent a holiday home in Germany with access to tennis courts! If you would like to burn some calories whilst getting the best of Hamburg, we would also recommend taking a walking tour through the city.

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