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The world-famous wine town of Cognac is situated in a lovely hilly landscape in the Poitou-Charentes region on the river Charente. Many wine enthusiasts rent holiday homes in France to take distillery tours, but there is much more going on here for such cheap holidays. Discover incredible scenery, rustic architecture, public gardens, markets and beautiful vineyards in this rather special location. Positioned between the Atlantic and Angoulême Town, Cognac is a marvellous destination for gites in France to discover local history, culture, and of course about the town’s namesake double-distilled wine.

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Even in the third century, wine was being made along the Charente and brought across the river to the port by the sea. Since white wines were often acidic and unpalatable over the long-distance transport, the English had them distill Brandy so it could be exported, due to high alcohol content, to North America. Why not read about the history of Cognac at your NOVASOL holiday homes in France? The Chevalier de la Croix-Maron, one of the ancestors of Cognac Dynasty Caselbajac is thought to be the inventor of the cognac: the first distillate was twice heated and then allowed to rest for a few years in oak barrels.

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Stroll through local vineyards, where the predominantly white grape Ugni Blanc is grown. The resulting young wine is distilled in two runs, whereby wines from different vineyards and vintages are blended. Rent holiday homes France and let winegrowers demonstrate how crucial this step is to the flavour of the wine. Around a dozen distilleries near NOVASOL holiday lettings in Cognac invite you to guided tours. Whilst staying in Poitou-Charentes, you must try the distillates of large companies such as Otard, Rémy-Martin and Hennessy with a minimum storage time of 2 or 3 years!

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Don’t spend your whole trip in the wine cellars of Poitou-Charentes, there is a magnificently varied and picturesque landscape for you to explore whilst you rent holiday cottages France. Those seeking dog-friendly holidays will love the landscape between Angoulême and Cognac's Vallée de la Charente, which is particularly beautiful. Discover the dreamlike river landscape with its protected Natura 2000 areas. The river flows below Rochefort in the Atlantic, making Poitou-Charentes a wonderful location for unforgettable boat trips