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The history of Languedoc-Roussillon extends all the way back to the Roman conquest. In the first century BC, the city of Narbonne was created and quickly became one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean. If you decide to spend your next holiday in the beautiful Languedoc-Roussillon, do not miss walking along the beautiful Domitian, an ancient Roman road whilst staying in our self-catering accommodation in France. In the eighth century, the area became the heart of the West Gothic and its southern location means that there are some strong influences from the Moorish culture. Languedoc-Roussillon is permanently attached to the Kingdom of France in 1271, but retains some autonomy. If you choose to stay in one of our range of holiday accommodation in France in Montpellier, then you will be able to experience a unique culture and get to know a fascinating history, particularly from the Renaissance period. The city was one of the bastions of Protestantism during religious wars.

Adventures to be had near Cévennes from your self-catering accommodation in France

Cévennes National Park is arguably one of the most famous attractions in this beautiful part of France. The area is treasured by locals and visitors alike, so much so that part of the park became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. This is currently the only French park with a mountainous location. It covers an area of ​​93,000 hectares and houses 152 towns and villages, with around 76,000 people living there. Rent a holiday home in France and experience all the best that this region has to offer with NOVASOL.

The park offers an incredible diversity of both flora and fauna and is well-known for its spectacular landscape as well as the strong tradition of farming and living off the land which still exists here in a major way. The area is home to over 1500 plant species, many of which are protected, and some are in fact unique to this part of France. There are also plenty of bird species that live here; more than 200 species call the Cévennes national park their home. There are also many mammals, reptiles and fish that you can discover during a visit to the park whilst staying in one of our hand-picked range of self-catering accommodation in France in Cevennes. Over the years, the park has also reintroduced some species which had largely disappeared over the past century; such as beaver, vultures or deer. The landscapes found within the park are incredibly varied, there are granite mounds like those in Cévennes, Lingas or Aigoual. You can also find big karst plateaus.

The economy of the area is very dependent on tourism, and so the people and government of Cevennes continuously endeavour to make tourism as 'green' and environmentally friendly as possible. The leaders of the park ensure that tourism is controlled and environmentally friendly while acting in the park's best interest and retaining its identity and its inhabitants. And the park has a very rich cultural heritage, especially thanks to its tradition of growing vines, mulberries and olive trees. So not only will you have the chance to experience some stunning natural beauty during your holiday in your chosen self-catering accommodation in France, but you will also be able to learn a little about the rich French culture as well.

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Experience the Cévennes National Park from your self-catering accommodation in France