Holiday homes in Linguizzetta, Corsica

NOVASOL holiday rentals Corsica I Enjoy natural Linguizzetta

If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors with incredible scenery, flora and fauna then your next French self-catering holiday should be on the island of Corsica. Go to the Alta Rocca region, which is popular with nature lovers. The East of Corsica is very wild and untamed with a lot to see. This region is characterised by the presence of seven sharp ‘needles’ or peaks that make up the Asinau Bavella mountain range (called Bavedda).Beautiful rock faces stretch upwards, whilst trees grow wildly. Not far away, in the town of Quenza, there are the waterfalls of the Purcaraccia. 5.6 km along this creek appropriates the Solenzara basin and proves to be an exceptional site with its natural pools.

Active holidays in Corsica

Around Linguizzetta, Corsica, close to your French self-catering property, you can climb the famous Col de Bavella where there stands the ‘Notre-Dame-des-Neiges’, an emblematic statue placed on the mountain. The Bavella massif culminates at 1,899 metres in Punta di u Furneddu and the Punta Muvrareccia, so those who enjoy walking and climbing, holiday rentals Corsica will be paradise for you. Canyoning is also very popular on the island with the correct conditions for this exciting activity. The beautiful beaches in Corsica also provide wonderful swimming, snorkeling and scuba-diving opportunities. You will not be short of adventurous activities with holiday homes Corsica!

From peaks to beach I Palombaggia

Choose a holiday apartment in Corsica you always dreamed of. Besides the several, lesser known idyllic beaches that line the island, you must come and admire Palombaggia beach. Here visitors of NOVASOL holiday cottages France can enjoy the extra fine sand and crystal clear water that some people dream of. For this reason, the Coastal Conservancy contributes to the preservation of the site, in order to always maintain this natural beauty and pine trees that surround the Mediterranean beach. The location is easily accessible by car and from there along the coast around Porto-Vecchio. We recommend stopping at Tamaricciu for a fantastic view.

Holiday cottages France I Corsican Cuisine

Cuisine in Corsica, perhaps influenced by its location, is a heady blend of strong French and Italian flavours. Sheep and goats milk cheese, lamb and boar stew, fish soup, stuffed artichokes and courgettes are all popular and traditional on the island. With chestnuts growing all over Corsica, many dishes are flavoured with this ingredient – from seafood to pastries. Due to the unique herbal grazing habits of the game and animals here, the meat also has a delicately herby flavour. Why not purchase the ingredients directly from local shops and markets and prepare a traditional meal in your holiday homes in Corsica!