Palagruža I Villas in Croatia

Villas in Croatia – Palagruža

Situated in the middle of the Adriatic Sea is a small archipelago named Palagruža. Composed of small rocky islands and one larger uninhabited island called Vela Palagruža, the landmass is 124 kilometres from Split and nestled in the open sea. It is a fantastic daytrip for guests enjoying a Split; a speed boat departs from the port in Korcula and takes approximately three hours. Once there, you can marvel at the island’s natural beauty. Whether you are staying in one of our apartments Split or perhaps Dubrovnik villas– it is an adventure not to be missed!

Fishing in Croatia

If a stay in a Croatian villas is not relaxing enough, fishing enthusiasts will find the area to be a true angler’s paradise. In fact, it is one of the richest fishing areas in the Adriatic. Alternatively you may wish to visit the highest point on the island where you will find a picturesque lighthouse. It was constructed in 1875 and holds the title as the largest lighthouse on the Adriatic. Moreover, guests in our dog friendly cottages will love the sense of freedom you feel on the island, which is surrounded by the stunning Adriatic waters.

Forest holidays

Nature lovers, or simply those wishing to enjoy the beauty of Croatia whilst staying in a Croatia holiday resorts, will enjoy the island’s natural beauty. At 1,400 meters long and 300 meters wide, it is full of interesting Mediterranean vegetation. Enjoy a hike along the two trails to discover the local flora and fauna. After a walk, take a dip in the sea – you will feel like you are at the end of the world. Fans of our coastal cottages may enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches which entice guests from near and far.

Soak up the history during a Croatian villa holidays

Palagruža has a fascinating history. It is thought that the Greek hero, Diomedes, one of the survivors of the Trojan war, fled to the island following a fight with Aeneas. Recent findings also suggest that he was buried there. Why not read about the local legends during a stay at one of NOVASOL’s Croatian villas? You may also wish to attend a Pope’s Dinner on the so-called Pope’s field, which honours Pope Alexander III who landed on the island in 1177. Book a stay in a Croatia holiday resorts and be sure to visit this fascinating island.