NOVASOL Charity Projects with a Heart

"He who is more fortunate should do good" — It is with these woulds from Lao Tzu that NOVASOL runs their charity projects.

We at NOVASOL know that not everyone has the good fortune to take regular holidays or even to have a comfortable home. That's why we see it as our duty to help as many as possible in situations where their happiness has been denied for various reasons. Our support covers a range of fantastic causes, including, but not limited to, the Bridge social services network, the Christian Relief Association of Wismar and the research and treatement of Multiple Scleroris through various projects.

Project Albania

Whilst the Albanian coastal regions and the capital of Tirana are modern and vibrant cities, for the residents of Mokra region in the mountains of Albania, there is a drastically different sory to tell. The consequences of years of foreclosure of the political system under Enver Hoxha have caused an impoverished and regressive life without modern comforts. Lack of infrastructure means that these regions are difficult to reach, so local children in the mountain villages have no opportunity to go to regional schools that are some distance away.

NOVASOL supports the CHW (Christian Relief Association Wismar) whose main focus has been for a few years now to build, expand and improve facilities for a local boarding school which allows these children of the remote mountain villages an education. Even children living on the street can find a home here. NOVASOL's Christmas concert fundraisers were held in aid of the boarding school and the proceeds and donations were presented to the CHW. Internally, Christmas presents were also collected and distributed for the children.

In this way NOVASOL collected 14,000 euros for the Christian Relief Association Wismar.

Cooperation with the Bridge 

Tourism traditionally plays an equally important and beautiful role in the German-Danish relationship; about half a million German holidaymakers spend their holidays alone in the over 10,000 Danish NOVASOL houses. The Danish Royals, who visited Hamburg, therefore had a suitable gift in their suitcases:

IKH Crown Princess Mary is the patron of the Danish psychiatry fund and presented the gift. The managing director of the association "Die Brücke Rendsburg-Eckernförde e.V.", Heike Rullmann, accepted a donation of 50 holiday house holidays, a. of NOVASOL. The association supports a network of social initiatives and projects that deal with the mental health of disadvantaged people.

Carlos Villaro Lassen, director of the Danish Federation of Vacation Home Owners, was very proud and pleased that the Danish Crown Princess had accepted the donation.

Sclerosis Society

Since 2007, NOVASOL and the Danish MS company Scleroseforeningen (multisclerosis society) have cooperated very successfully.

Together with this and some other European MS companies, NOVASOL has donated donations to employees and clients in the barrier-free Danish Feriendorf Dronningens Ferieby in Grenå / Jutland to provide families with a member who is suffering from multiple sclerosis free of charge for a week to be able to.

The cottages in Dronningens Ferieby in Grenaa are all barrier-free and therefore also suitable for wheelchair users.

A large number of applications, gratitude and the joy and happiness that the families were experiencing confirmed the success of the collaboration between NOVASOL and the MS Scleroseforeningen.