Tourist Attractions around the Turkish Riviera

The motto of the Turkish Riviera is “summer, sun, sea and beaches”, but the Turkish Riviera is much more than this. Here you can enjoy the Turkish hospitality and sense the unique history of the nation. Everywhere you come across antique excavations and treasures from distant times.

After relaxing on the beach, perhaps you fancy exploring the times of Romans, Greeks, Persians and Osmans. Here are a few suggestions of what to see.

Side Theatre

Take a trip to Side Theatre, where you can sense the atmosphere of past times. The theatre will take you back to the late empire period where gladiator and animal fights unfolded on the scene. This impressive construction with a capacity of 15,000 seats is definitely worth a visit.

Ölüdeniz Lagoon

Calm, crystal clear waters combined with the scent of fresh pine forest is what make the Blue Lagoon of Ölüdeniz unique and spectacular. During the summer, tourists flock to the lagoon near Fethiye because of its beauty and child-friendly beaches. A photo of the lagoon should not be missing from your album with holiday memories.

Termessos Fortress

Visit the amazing fortress that Alexander the Great himself was unable to conquer. Located in the mountains the Termessos fortress offers a breathtaking view. Defensive city walls are remained, as well as a temple and an impressive ancient theatre. If you go to the highland fortress, you will be rewarded by an incredible sight.