Villas in Turkey - Southern Aegean Coast

Villa holiday in the Southern Aegean

Book your villas in Turkey on the Aegean Coast and treat yourself to a holiday of pure indulgence. From the long white sandy beaches in the East, to the secret bays and romantic cliffs to the West, you’ll find our villas in Turkey sensational. Whilst a popular destination, the South Aegean is not yet spoilt by tourism so is an ideal destination to get away from it all.

Sail out on the turquoise sea, spotting idyllic harbour towns during your Aegean holiday in Europe. You’ll see the Taurus Mountains that extend along the coastline, their summits still partially covered with snow even in the summer holiday season. The mountains’ foothills are fertile with orchards of citrus trees, bananas and cotton, and in the province of Kahramanmaras peppers grow in abundance, meaning this is a hotsport of fresh and flavoursome Turkish cuisine.

The landscape is somewhat primitive and rustic, lending to it a certain charm that rings of days gone by in this Byzantine land. Many of our villas to rent in Turkey are decorated in the traditional way and are perfect for a leisurely vacation away. Escape the heat of the day by booking a villa with a pool, where you can take a swim under the gaze of the majestic mountains.

Villas in Turkey

The South Aegean

The rugged of the South Aegean is very rugged, with numerous bays that are ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Off the coast you will find many islands that are worth a visit by boat; if you would like to rent unique villas in Turkey on one of these picturesque islands NOVASOL has plenty of excellent deals for a cheap holiday abroad. The Gulf of Madalaya and the Gulf of Coo, separated by the Bodrum Peninsula, is popular with the Turkish jet-set and here you will find the historical city Halicarnassus. Visit the Mausoleum of  Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the world.

The deep forest of the Resadiye Peninsula are ideal place for holiday lettings for those seeking a holiday of peace, quiet and tranquility. Here those who are interested in Turkish history will find the city of Datca and the beautiful ruins of Knidos. Sailors and surfers will enjoy this holiday as it is perfect for adventure holidays and fishing holidays. The bay of Gokova is a paradise for watersports enthusiasts; the water here is so clear you’ll feel like a mermaid after spending so little of your time on land!

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Water Wonderland

Start out from Fethiye on a cruise trip, where you can see 12 islands in the space of a day. Start out from your Turkey villas to the double-decker tour boats are awaiting you in the harbour - take a pair of binoculars to spot dolphins, flying fish and turtles. The boats stop intermittently to give you opportunities to take a dip - don’t forget your bathing suit and sunscreen during your summer holiday trip.

One of the best bays to visit on your during your summer holiday in Turkey is the beautiful Gabon bay. The water here is crystal clear and cooling. Book a last minute cottage on the neighbouring bay, which is surrounded by a cliff and is home to a fascinating cave that is only accessible via a stone staircase. The bay of the bath of Cleopatra has a special story too; according to the legend, the Egyptian Queen is said to have made a journey here and had this royal bath made in her honour. Feel like a royal and book your own Turkish villa with a pool or hot tub!

Choose NOVASOL for your family holidays in Europe and relax in the knowledge that your family holiday is in safe hands. NOVASOL also offers holiday lettings on the North Aegean Coast, as well as other beautiful regions of the vibrant country of Turkey.

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