Discover Turkey from your holiday accommodation

NOVASOL is proud to offer you a great range of self-catering holiday accommodation in Turkey, located in some of the most popular holiday resorts in Turkey, which provide you with the perfect base from which to explore, experience and learn about as much as you want to of the unique, rich and delightful Turkish culture. The country is filled with awe-inspiring historical and religious monuments, which make for the perfect day trip during your stay in our villas in Turkey and give a great insight into the Turkish history and the country's culture. There are also plenty of cultural traditions and celebrations for you to experience.

Villas in Turkey

Turkish culture - villas to rent in Turkey

Turkey is quite literally where East meets West; the bridge between South Eastern Europe and South Western Asia. This fascinating fusion of influences, cultural practices and cuisines all combine together in Turkey in order to from the rich and vibrant Turkish culture, just one of the many reasons that make Turkey such a great and special destination for self-catering holidays in Europe. Turkey offers its visitors the best of both worlds; discover each side of Turkey with a stay in one of NOVASOL's holiday villas in Turkey.

Self-catering Turkey - the people and culture

The people of Turkey are made up of two main ethnic groups; the Turks and the Kurdish people. The country is also predominantly Muslim although the government is secular. As you will soon discover during your stay in our self-catering holiday villas in Turkey, the people are generally warm, open and friendly. Many of them are tremendously proud of their country and will happily discuss it with you - so why not ask a local for a recommendation of a restaurant in one of the Turkish holiday resorts. For sports enthusiasts, have a chat about football, which is a very popular sport in the country.

Customs and culture - Turkey villas

In the Turkish culture, elders are greatly respected. If you are meeting with Turkish people during your stay in one of our holiday lettings in Turkey it would be customary for you to greet the eldest person there. It is typical that upon greeting then one would kiss their hand before touching your forehead to their hand out of respect. You will also find during your stay in your chosen self-catering holiday homes of the popular holiday resorts in Turkey, that the people enjoy their food and take time over their meals and that this is an important part of the Turkish culture and a time for socialising.

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Traditions and Customs in Turkey

Evening meals often last for several hours and involve lots of courses - with the occasional break for some Raki - a strong local spirit. Why not take a leaf out of the locals' book during your self-catering holidays in Turkey and make the most of meal times with your travel companions. Often, at the end of a meal either in a home or in a restaurant you will be served some Turkish coffee, an important part of the Turkish cuisine. Turkish coffee is more intense than what we would be used to at home in the UK but it is the national drink and so should be sampled at least once during your stay in your chosen villas to rent in Turkey from our range of holiday homes.

Self-catering Turkey with NOVASOL

From incredible Turkish cultural traditions and offerings and cosmopolitan cities, to plenty of good food, friendly people and of course stunning scenery, with picture-perfect beaches where you can find your ideal relaxation spot - a stay in our Turkish holiday homes available to rent is a great choice for enriching cultural escapes to relaxing beach breaks and everything in between. Furthermore, when you choose to spend your well-deserved holidays self-catering with NOVASOL, you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility to explore the country and its culture exactly as you wish.