Taste Turkish cuisine - holiday resorts Turkey

Spend your next self-catering holidays in Turkey with NOVASOL and explore the fascinating country; filled with wondrous historical monuments which speak of a rich heritage, warm and hospitable people, the vibrant and unique Turkish culture as well as delicious cuisine and local specialities. There are a number of popular Turkish holiday resorts in which NOVASOL has Turkish holiday villas, so why not browse our range today and find the ideal holiday accommodation in Turkey to suit all of your needs today?

Self-catering holidays in Turkey - Cuisine

Visit Turkey for your next self-catering holidays in Europe and enjoy all that the country has on offer for its visitors. What's more is that when you choose self-catering for your holiday accommodation in Turkey, you are then afforded the freedom and flexibility to choose how you wish to spend your days; including when, where and what you eat - meaning that you can enjoy an authentic taste of the Turkish cuisine by dining out in local restaurants and eateries and sampling as many of the regional delicacies as you like. Explore the many different faces of Turkey and all the marvellous activities there at your own pace with NOVASOL.

Villas in Turkey - Turkish cuisine

Turkey is home to some unique areas of natural beauty, vibrant cities such as Istanbul, amazing coastlines, fantastically clear waters and incredible mountain ranges; so there will be plenty to keep you occupied and enthralled during your stay in one of our self-catering villas in Turkey - whether you want to spend your time lounging on one of the amazing beaches in one of the popular Turkish holiday resorts such as Antalya or Alanya, swimming in the azure waters, or even if you are in search of something more active or cultural - Turkey has something for you and we are confident that we have the right property for you.

Cuisine of Turkey

One of the main influences on the cuisine of Turkey is of course largely that of the Ottoman Empire, as this period was very influential in Turkish history. In realty it is a mixture of Central Asian, Jewish, Middle Eastern and Greek cuisines. This mixture and fusion of styles and heritage mean that food and typical dishes in Turkey, as well as the Turkish cultural practices of the country, vary greatly from region to region and the many specialities have strong regional identities. NOVASOL offers holiday homes and villas in Turkey in many different regions of the country, so you can discover your favourite.

Dishes to try - self-catering Turkey

The traditional Turkish cuisine is so diverse and offers so many wonderful and delicious specialities and traditional dishes for you to try during your stay in one of our villas in Turkey that it is hard to know where to start! When we think of typical Turkish cuisine it is easy to think of the kebabs we get at home in Britain, or perhaps some tasty mezze dishes. Whilst Turkey is the home of the Doner and Shish Kebab as well as one of the countries where 'Mezze' is part of the cuisine, the food in Turkey is made up of so much more than that.

Typical Turkish dishes

Generally, the Turkish people prefer home-cooking to going out, so you will soon discover whilst staying one of our villas to rent in Turkey that many of the dishes you come across have their roots in family tradition and have been passed through the generations. We are confident that during your self-catering holidays in Turkey you will discover some entirely new Turkish dishes to try and fall in love with! Among the most frequently used ingredients in Turkey are aubergine, olive oil and beautiful fresh fish in the Black Sea region. For those with a sweet tooth, sample the traditionally made Baklava or the famous Turkish Delight, whilst those who love seafood can venture to the Turkish Riviera to discover fresh fish dishes.