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Turkey – Central Aegaen Coast

The Central Aegean Coast stretches north and south of the city of Izmir. Old houses in the colonial Mediterranean style give the city its character, with small restaurants on the promenade that invite you to sit down and enjoy their culinary specialties. Rent villas in Turkey through NOVASOL and this glittering coastline could be in the palm of your hand.

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The ancient city of Ephesos is one of the largest Roman archaeological sites in the eastern Mediterranean and it attracts tourists from all over the world. The ruins of the cities still offer up some of the former life, including the theatre on Harbour Street. Ephesos was a vibrant city of over 250,000 inhabitants and was the fourth largest in the empire after Rome, Alexandria and Antioch. The Greeks have left their traces in many places, and their influence in the region is still omnipresent. Those interested in Turkish history will be absolutely blown over by the range of excellent attractions on the Central Aegean Coast.

Menderes and Gediz

The two great rivers of the region, Menderes and Gediz, meander in the south respectively. In the Izmir Karaburun Peninsula lies small villages and countless peacefulbays. The village of Karaburun is located high above the cliffs and has 2,500 inhabitants. If you want to spend a holiday in Turkish holiday resorts on the Aegean Sea, our holiday homes are always the ideal starting point for your excursions. 


In Urla you can enjoy the beautiful wildlife and mountains. They aren’t frequently visited by tourists so you can can camp almost anywhere and move around the reservation with no limits.

Today this area is a national park mainly because of the rare Mediterranean flora. During your travels you may encounter the village, which still retains its ancient traditions. It is best to visit these mountains during April or May, when there's nice weather. You can also visit Besparmak Dag mountains or five-finger mountain. The mountain range is located near the town of Aydin, where you will find our villas in Turkey.

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Culinary delights

Staying in a holiday apartment or house on the Turkish coast is a wonderful start to your holiday. Visit some small restaurants where you are guaranteed to enjoy some Turkish specialties. Turkish cuisine is characterized by its different flavours and the foundation of every celebration is a pile of fresh vegetables. At each meal will offer a hospitable Turks ayran – a salty yoghurt. For dessert, order baklava and halva. Both are sweet and sticky treats - a must for lovers of Turkish cuisine and a perfect accompaniment to Turkish coffee.


In Belek, the river Taurus meets the sea at a site where the kilometre-long sandy beaches are lined with pine forests. The water is incredibly tranquil and is both shallow and child-friendly.

In Chimaera, at the foot of the mountains, you can visit Yanartas - also known as ‘burning stone’ - where spontaneous gases are known to rise in. How about a meal sizzled on a natural fire? In the evening this spectacle is particularly beautiful.

During a tour in the old town of Antalya - Kaleici - you will pass houses from the period of the old Ottoman Empire, which have now developed into cafes, small shops and galleries. When you walk onto one of the side streets, you can see the original character of the city and become exposed to authentic Turkish culture.


In the center of the Mediterranean coast is the port city of Antalya. Life pulsates here – there is a rich offer of culture and restaurants, a vibrant nightlife and wonderful to beaches, palm-lined streets and beautiful parks. 300 sunny days a year pampers tourists and locals alike with a warm, pleasant climate. Here, summer is always guaranteed.

West of Antalya offers visitors unique sights in the form of the Taurus mountains. To the west of Antalya is the Cape Anamur, the southernmost tip of the coast. Behind it lies the Bay of Adana, which is a worthwhile visit.

Many historical places and cities tell of the rich history of this country. Be it the city of Olympos, which is part of the national park of the same name, or the Temple of Apollo in Side. The entire Mediterranean coast harbors untold treasures to be discovered. You can also visit from our villas on the Southern Aegean Coast, or even from Cyprus!

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Whether you want to bask in the sun on the beach or explore the cultural sights of the area, our villas in Turkey always offer the ideal starting point for your holidays on the Turkish Riviera.