Villas in Turkey

NOVASOL holiday villas in Turkey

NOVASOL is proud to present a lovely and ever-growing portfolio of holiday lettings Turkey; which currently includes over 50 self-catering holiday lettings in the country - with properties ranging from beautiful Turkish villas through to apartments in rent in popular holiday resorts in Turkey. Why not browse our selection of holiday homes in Turkey today and start discovering this marvellous land of sun, sea and history for yourself during your next self-catering holiday!

Sun, sea and history - holidays in Turkey

Turkey offers its visitors to our Turkey villas the opportunity to relax and unwind on beautiful beaches, indulge in excellent cuisine and immerse themselves in an extraordinary culture during their self-catering holidays. Turkey also has stunning natural resources, from the clear sea, to National Parks and natural spas. This is a holiday destination that has it all even for the most demanding tourists and it welcomes you with vivacity and open arms! Spend your holidays here taking advantage of our range of NOVASOL holiday homes and apartments in Turkey and you will not be disappointed.

History and culture in Turkey

Turkey, often called the 'cradle of civilization', is known for its bustling cities brimming with rich cultural traditions and ancient culture - all just waiting for you to explore during your stay in any of our villas to rent in Turkey. For those interested in history, you can visit and admire hundreds of amazing archaeological sites during your self-catering holidays. To name a few you could spend a day exploring the famous treasures of Troy, Ephesus, Pergamon. Alternatively, why not take a day trip to the fabulous city of Istanbul to marvel at its landmarks, such as the Hagia Sofia or Topkapi Palace. Furthermore, there are numerous museums that are also worth visiting whilst staying in our Turkey villas and apartments.

Turkish cuisine - self-catering Turkey

Food is an important part of Turkish culture and many dishes involve long-held traditions. The Ottoman Empire, which was in existence in Turkey for centuries, has greatly influenced many aspects of Turkish history, culture and cuisine. Whilst renting our self-catering villas in Turkey you will come across many soups, rice dishes as well as delicious freshly baked bread and dips as part of the day to day cuisine of Turkey. Enjoy authentic Turkish meals during your stay in our villas to rent in Turkey in one of many Turkish restaurants, or why not try to replicate your favourite Turkish dishes in your well-equipped kitchen of your holiday homes in Turkey?

Year-round self-catering Turkey

Turkey is a great destination for self-catering holiday lettings all year long, no matter whether travelling with family, friends, children or your partner, we at NOVASOL are confident that we can offer you the right holiday homes in Turkey which will suit all your needs. Summer in Turkey brings the heat and a lot of people head for the lovely holiday resorts along the Turkish Riviera to enjoy plenty of sun, clean and warm waters in which to cool off as well as a variety of summer time activities.

Villas in Turkey - holiday resorts

The most famous Turkish resort towns are Antalya and Alanya, where there are plenty of restaurants, market stalls and some of the best beaches in the country. You can also take one of the many boat trips that are on offer during your stay in one of our villas in Turkey by the coast. Enjoy a leisurely sail around for a whole day; taking in the beautiful coastal scenery and breaking pleasant bathes. Autumn and winter in Turkey is still warm, with many days of sunshine - so why not escape to one of our hand-picked self-catering villas in Turkey to escape the grey and rain at home!

Things to do from your villas in Turkey


Also known as ruin. It is the most important archaeological area of Turkey and one of the largest sites left behind by the Ancient Greeks. Among others, the Temple of Artemis, Hercules Gate and the Library of Celsus, from 1100 BC, are on display here - an attraction not to be missed when staying in one of our villas to rent in Turkey!

Sumela Monastery

A beautiful monastery built into a sheer rock face in the Pontic Mountains in Maçkat. The monastery is about 1200 metersabove the ground and filled with incredible frescos. It is the perfect place for a day trip to learn about Tukish culture.

Düden Waterfalls

The Düden Waterfalls are an amazing collection of waterfalls located near Antalya. Behind the waterfall is a cave, so you can walk behind the waterfall. An impressive experience and a special place to take beautiful pictures as a reminder of your stay in our villas in Turkey!

Koprulu Canyon National Park

According to many, this is the most beautiful park in Turkey with magnificent ruins of temples, villages and Artemis all nestled in breath-taking natural beauty. The Koprulu river that flows through the park, is perfect to cool off and offers good fishing and rafting.

Goynuk Canyon

About 30 kilometres from Antalya, you can make visit the wonderful Goynuk Canyon. Here, you can hike through forest covered mountains, waterfalls and along a river with crystal clear water. For cooling off during the summer, why not take a dip in the river? You can also use the so-called 'rock slides' - natural water-slides!