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Discover a magical town on Lake Lucerne

Thinking about a holiday rental in Switzerland but unsure of where in the country to go? Take our advice and book a Swiss apartments in Lucerne. Perfect for walking holidays, Lucerne’s beautiful alpine landscapes and little towns abundant in history make it an ideal place to go on holiday in Europe.

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Experience Lucerne’s Pristine Nature

Switzerland is known for its fantastic mountains, and the state of Lucerne is no exception. Lucerne is known as the ‘Gate of the Alps’ and is a popular attraction for hiking holidays. In Lucerne, you will find Europe’s oldest mountain road up to the Mountain Rigi or else explore the world's steepest sprocket up to the Pilatus mountain. It will definitely be a wonderful experience on your holiday in Europe. Alternatively visit our Swiss apartments in Valais for a purely alpine experience.

Make your Belly Happy - Dine Lucerne

Dependent on what region you visit in Switzerland, you will find Swiss cuisine is influenced by the French, Italian or German borders of the country. In Lucerne, you will be able to sample a range of traditional dishes. A great example of a delicious and authentic dish is the Älpler Magronen. This pasta dish consists of pasta, potatoes, melted cheese, onion and small bacon pieces and served with apple-sauce. For those with a sweet tooth, try ‘birnbrot’ - a Swiss cake made with dried pears. Although this is most typically served at Christmas, you can still sample it most of the year.Try eating out at a range of Swiss holiday lodges - you definitely won’t regret it. On your family holiday, you’ll truly learn that the Swiss believe to the heart is through the belly!

Out on Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne is in found in the heartland of Central Switzerland and has been integral to the area’s shipping industry since the Middle Ages. Whilst the lake used to carry ships laden with materials from the nearby quarries, the Gotthard railway saw the lake fall out of use as an industrial site. Now the lake is used for tourism - we recommend catching a  boat trip on one of the 5 paddle steamers, some of which are more than 100 years old. If you prefer activity holidays, book accommodation in Switzerland close to Lake Lucerne. Fabulously diverse, you will find all kinds of water activities at the lake. The Lake is great for fishing holidays, as well as for fun trips like canoe trips, windsurfing and diving tours for experienced divers.

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Uncover Lucerne’s History

As you stroll through Lucerne’s well-preserved medieval town centre, you will notice historic buildings on each side. The city has a vibrant buzz to it, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions for a family holiday in Switzerland. If you only see one thing whilst in Lucerne, make sure it's the covered chapel bridge. The bridge has been around since 1333 and stretches across the  Vierwaldstättersøen. Not only is this historic bridge incredible to see, you will be amazed to find as you walk through the bridge that there are over 100 paintings exhibited here. Hire a unique villas in Switzerland overlooking the bridge for a breathtaking sight.

See Lucerne’s Art and Culture

Lucerne has plenty of Swiss culture that for you to see when you visit, whether it is for your summer holidays or for a short break. Highly recommended is the Rosengart collection, which contains works of, among others, Picasso, Matisse and Monet, or the Jesuit Church, whose outer surface is built in Baroque style but inside is made in the rococo style.  Rent your self-catering holiday home near the city centre to be close to all the action.

Get Active, Get Outdoors in Lucerne

If you want to get active during your adventure holiday in Switzerland accommodation, then Lucerne is an obvious holiday destination. The beautiful nature lends itself to hiking holidays and to cycling, and its numerous lakes are great for fishing holidays. Why not check out Europe's Entlebuch biosphere, a nature reserve in Lucerne which is famed for its wild mountain watercourses?

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