Swiss apartments and holiday homes with NOVASOL

By choosing to spend your next self-catering European holidays in Switzerland you can look forward to a diverse and multi-faceted holiday. During your stay in NOVASOL's Swiss apartments or holiday cottages in Switzerland, you will quickly discover that Switzerland is a land of many contrasts; where old meets new and several different cultures, cuisines and influences mix together to make up the Switzerland of today. During your self-catering holiday in one of our hand-picked holiday homes in this beautiful country you may just be surprised at how much Switzerland has to offer visitors in terms of culture and history.

History in Switzerland - self-catering Switzerland

Switzerland is home to many gorgeous fairy-tale villages and towns, but these places offer more than just beauty. As you will discover whilst renting any one of our holiday homes in Switzerland the streets of many Swiss towns and cities are filled with unique history and have a special story to tell! Our holiday cottages and apartments in Switzerland are the perfect starting point from which to explore the outstanding culture and exciting history of the country. This Swiss also love their old traditions and so keep the country's history and heritage alive. For an authentic experience during your self-catering holidays in Europe and a taste of Swiss history we would suggest a visit to these numerous festivals and events wherever possible.

Immerse yourself in the Swiss culture

In Switzerland there are twelve World Heritage Sites protected UNESCO for you to choose from during your stay in any one of our Switzerland holiday accommodation options, so there is plenty to keep history enthusiasts happy. The old town of Bern, with its preserved original buildings dating back several centuries, is a particular highlight and the perfect place to simply wander around and get lost in Swiss history. Other World Heritage Sites, which we would highly recommend you try and visit from your self-catering holidays homes in Switzerland are the three castles of Bellinzona in Ticino, the vineyard terraces of Lavaux on Lake Geneva, the twin cities of La Chaux de Fonds and Le Locle in Neuchâtel, the two villas of La Cobusier and the Rhaetian Railway.

History in Switzerland- Swiss apartments

Despite the fact that Switzerland is a small country, its is densely populated and packed with history. The country is a great destination for cultural self-catering holidays in Central Europe as it is home to a number of unique and brilliant cities, including; Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Bern and Locarno - each of which has its very own charm and history which is what makes Switzerland so varied from region to region. During your stay in our Swiss self-catering holiday apartments and cottages you will see influences from many of Switzerland's surrounding countries on the culture and Swiss cuisine and in fact it would be fair to say that the history of Switzerland is shared by that of Italy, Germany and France.

Historical practices and traditions in Switzerland

Switzerland recognises four official languages, which are; German, French, Italian and Romansh. This reflects the country's diverse history and heritage. The Swiss people are immensely very proud of their cultural heritage and historical traditions and still practices many of them today. There are numerous festivals and celebrations on offer throughout the year when self-catering Switzerland and they give visitors the perfect opportunity to immerse themselves in Swiss culture and history during their stay in the country and in Swiss holiday accommodation.

Modern Swiss history - holiday accommodation in Switzerland

The country is known for its banks and for its world-famous watches, both of which have historically contributed to the Swiss economy; which is now one of the most stable and prosperous in Europe. Switzerland is also known for having some of the best infrastructure in the world and for being technologically advanced in many ways. All of this adds up to make Switzerland one of the best destinations for cultured and sophisticated self-catering holidays in Europe. Why not let Switzerland surprise you? Start by selecting your Swiss apartments or holiday cottages from our range today!