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Book a Swiss holiday lodge in Grabünden, Switzerland's most beloved ski resort. Graubünden in Switzerland invites you with its snowy peaks, picturesque landscapes and cosy alpine villages. Well-renowned in terms of quality slopes and major facilities in stunning surroundings, it comes as no shock that Graubünden is such a popular retreat for those searching for more than your typical skiing holiday. So, come with NOVASOL to a winter wonterland in the Swiss alps. Pick Grabünden as for your next family holiday abroad in Europe and start searching for your Swiss holiday homes today.

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Clean Mountain Air and Enriching Exercise

Grabünden has much to offer besides world-renowned Switzerland ski holidays, such as the mountain villages of Davos and St. Moritz. Here you can enjoy the wild, unspoiled nature of the Swiss National Park. The Park which is also home to mountain pastures, mud-flies and deer, providing great views as you enjoy it on a walking holiday. Choose a holiday rental in Switzerland to immerse yourself in the area’s colourful varieties of flowers, plants and vegetation.

Hiking enthusiasts will be overjoyed to set out from their accommodation in Switzerland and find themselves right at the start of one of the countless trails that lead you past small waterfalls and crystal clear lakes. The low hum of the wildlife and the clean air of the area bring peace to the mind, heal the soul and revitalise the body as you set out on this memorable hiking holiday. Explore all the most exciting things to do in Switzerland from your holiday homes in Graubünden.

Also worth checking out on your hiking holiday or walking holiday is Switzerland’s National Park. Stretching over an area that is 170 km squared, and abounding in over 80 km of marked hiking routes, both beginners and experts will find a hiking trail suitable for them. Seek a map from the local tourist office which outlines the best for each level of experience, or else book a guided tour if you want to know even more about the beautiful scenery. Pause for lunch over an impressive vista with a fresh picnic celebrating the Swiss cuisine.

If it’s your first time renting accommodation in Switzerland, a hike with a professional guide is a top way to learn more about the natural landscape and the history of the country. Guides are friendly and tend to speak a high level of English, so don’t be afraid to pepper them with your questions during your hiking holiday.

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Experience Tranquil Surroundings

When you want to experience art, Swiss culture and history on offer in this part of Switzerland, we recommend taking the trip to Grabünden’s capital city, the idyllic Chur. One of Switzerland's oldest cities, there is more than 5000 years of history on offer here, just begging to be explored. The Old Town, the Altstadt, is exciting to walk around in and is great peace and quiet, because the area is a car-free zone. Those on a family holiday will also appreciate the lack of traffic, giving the kids a chance to roam free without worry.

Holiday in Snowy Switzerland

Winter holidays in Graubünden are legendary. The frozen landscape is criss-crossed with marked ski-slopes that cater to all levels of ability.  Particularly welcoming for family holidays, you can enjoy crisp snow throughout the day before heading back to warm yourself at the fireside of your Swiss holiday homes. Alternatively, kick back in style in one of NOVASOL’s many alpine cottages with hot tubs after a long day hitting the slopes. If Graubünden doesn't do it for you, we also have properties in the ski resorts of Valais and Lucerne.

NOVASOL rents several Swiss holiday lodges that are well suited for your family ski holiday abroad in Europe. We offer spacious holiday lettings that are perfect for both families and friends. Ready to plan your next skiing holiday? Why not book today through our website to take advantage of our cheap family holiday offers, or give us a call to get advice on the best locations to access the ski resorts?

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