Enjoy local delicacies from your Swiss holiday homes

Switzerland; the bastion of democracy and diverse dialects also enjoys great popularity as a self-catering holidays destination in Europe and our lovely Swiss apartments and chalets are the perfect setting for your visit to Switzerland. Explore magnificent mountains, clear lakes and magical towns - perfect for both for summer and for winter holidays in Switzerland. Our Swiss holiday homes attract holidaymakers from around the world and all walks of life, hoping to experience everything that self-catering in Switzerland has to offer; including amazing natural scenery, a large variety of things to do, sophisticated culture and delicious cuisine.

Cuisine and culture - holiday accommodation Switzerland

Switzerland, thanks to its fantastic natural beauty, offers a wide offer of physical leisure activities. During your stay in one of our hand-picked holiday homes in Switzerland you will have the opportunity to enjoy an active way of life and outdoor lifestyle as is such a huge part of culture in Switzerland; but to do this they must fuel their bodies which is why breakfast is an important meal for the Swiss. Why not try a typical  breakfast whilst you rent our Swiss apartments or chalets, which usually consists of fresh bread and butter, honey, perhaps some cheeses and cured meats and cereals all washed down with a hot drink.

Influences on Swiss cuisine

Whilst many people know about the wonders of Italian and French cuisine, or even the hearty fare of Germany; in comparison Swiss cuisine is underrated. However, we are confident that during your self-catering holidays in Europe in our Switzerland holiday accommodation you will love discovering and falling in love with Swiss cuisine. Due to Switzerland's unique location - land-locked in Central Europe - the cuisine and culture of Switzerland has been influenced by the countries which surround it. You will find that influences from German, French and Italian cuisine all intermingle to deliver fantastic culinary delights!

Culinary delights to discover in Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its production of excellent cheeses, wines as well as some of the best chocolate in the world; so of course no visit to this beautiful country or stay in our Swiss apartments and chalets would be complete without trying a little, or a lot, of these Swiss culinary delights. In every town and major city in Switzerland you will find plenty of authentic shops selling this type of produce, so you can take home the perfect culinary souvenir of your visit to Switzerland and your stay in our Switzerland accommodation. Alternatively, you could visit one of the chocolate factories or spend an afternoon wine-tasting at one of the many vineyards.

Typical Swiss dishes to try

As cheese is one of Switzerland's largest exports, it is unsurprising that many Swiss dishes involve delicious creamy and nutty cheeses such as Gruyere and Emmental. During your stay in one of our holiday homes in Switzerland, we would recommend indulging a traditional Raclette or Fondue; typically a treat for warming up after a day on the slopes but a great dish at any time really! You will also come across many simple yet tasty potato dishes, including Rosti, as well as a host of beautiful cured meats. Veal is an especially popular meat and is used in a variety of dishes.

Why choose self-catering Switzerland with NOVASOL

NOVASOL's range of self-catering holiday lettings in Switzerland give you the opportunity to enjoy a real sense of freedom and flexibility during your holiday. You will have the opportunity to eat when and where you like, or even prepare your own meals in the comfort and privacy of your chosen holiday home. Our options of holiday accommodation in Switzerland range from functional Swiss apartments to beautifully finished chalets in the Swiss Alps. Choose your holiday home from our range of over 44,000 today and reap the benefits of self-catering during your next holiday with family, friends or romantic getaway.