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Switzerland is small, but fine. With its small size, it still has numerous sights and large cities, which are a must for holidaymakers. The small country has mountains, valleys, waterfalls, natural parks, but also skyscrapers, such as the Prime Tower in Zurich. By choosing to spend your holiday in our Switzerland accommodation, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of activities and attractions.  One of the best ways to explore this unique panorama is by train, such as the Bernina and Glacier Express. Scenic Switzerland is very attractive. In the south, it borders with Lake Maggiore as a border with Italy and has therefore also already assumed Mediterranean and exotic flair, a touch of Upper Italy so to speak. The mentality of the Swiss and their friendly nature is welcome to the tourists.

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Things to do in from your Switzerland accommodation

The Lago Maggiore

Large and powerful body of water located in the south of the country, near the border to Italy. Huge mountains rise up around it, which you can reach very easily with a chairlift. The panorama of mountains and valleys, which opens up before you, is awe inspiring. If you would like to explore the lake during your holiday in our Switzerland accommodation, you should go on a boat trip or use the numerous ferries that run from one shore to another. Lake Maggiore is located in the Canton of Ticino. Also a trip to the Borromean Islands is an absolute must in the region. Of the five islets, the Isola Bella is, as the name suggests, the most beautiful, because here there are palaces and gardens.


Just behind the German border is the city of Basel, right on the Rhine. Here you will find everything your heart desires, from rich Swiss cultural offerings, culinary experiences and lovely countryside in the surrounding area.  Choose your Switzerland accommodation in or around Basel for a varied and memorable holiday experience. In addition to the Kunstmuseum in Basel and numerous other smaller houses, the city is also richly blessed with theatres and concert halls. Like everywhere in the Rhine region, there is a huge annual carnival parade, which attracts many visitors. The Basel Fair with its exhibition hall has several exhibitions and fairs several times a year.

The Lake Constance

The region around Lake Constance is located in the Dreiländereck Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The area around the lake is stunningly beautiful and makes for the perfect setting for a memorable day out during your self-catering Switzerland holidays. South of Lake Constance lies the town of Schaffhausen, which has a special natural highlight with the Rhine Falls. The Rhine Falls is the largest waterfall in Europe and you can go underneath and drift around. This attraction attracts many visitors every year.

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The Swiss way of life

On the whole, the Swiss are active and enjoy being outdoors - hardly surprising considering the vast natural beauty which surrounds them! Hiking is a popular Swiss past time and we would highly recommend taking a leaf out of their book and heading from your chosen Switzerland accommodation off for an invigorating hike in the morning.  That way, one can indulge in that famous Swiss chocolate and cheese guilt-free!  Pay a visit to the famous Käsestrasse.

Winter in Switzerland

Throughout Switzerland, there are numerous ski resorts in winter offering a wide range of winter sports and activities. Switzerland is a fantastic year-round destination, and our self-catering holiday rentals - including apartments and Swiss chalet rentals. With chairlifts, they are taken up to the Alps for a spectacular downhill run. But there are also cross-country skiers, who wander with torches through the night or get together in groups. For example, the location of the "beautiful and wealthy" St. Moritz is beautifully situated. But also in St. Gallen there are ski slopes and ski resorts. After a long trip you can spend the night in the deserted huts in the mountains and enjoy it as a real adventure.

Visit Zug

The town of Zug is worth seeing, because there is not only the Zug Castle for those hoping to learn a little about the Swiss history, but also Lake Zug, which is well known for water sports. In the surrounding forests you can go for a walk, but there is enough water, such as sailing, wakeboarding or surfing. Another highlight is the Kunsthaus in Zug, with its year-round exhibitions.