Spend your next holiday in our Swedish holiday homes

As well as being home to plenty of captivating Nordic cultural offerings and broad variety of activities and a healthy, delicious cuisine; Sweden is home to an interesting history. If you are hoping to spend your next holiday unwinding in some stunning natural beauty, but still being able to enjoy a full programme of activities then you should consider self-catering Sweden with NOVASOL. You can choose from a wide variety of options for holiday accommodation in Sweden by NOVASOL and this charming country makes for an excellent destination at any time of year and for every type of holiday maker.

Self-catering holidays in Sweden

Whether you would like to spend you holiday relaxing in one of our Swedish holiday lettings situated by the country's beautiful beaches, or if you would prefer a more culturally rich in holiday - we at NOVASOL have the right self-catering holiday accommodation in Sweden for you! Spending a holiday in Sweden provides lots of opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the abundant natural beauty, however there are also lots of historical sites, museums and monuments that you could visit whilst renting our holiday homes in Sweden. We offer a great portfolio of over 3,000 holiday cottages in Sweden from which you can choose, in fantastic locations all over the country.

Swedish holiday homes

Should you decide to spend your next self-catering holidays in Northern Europe in one of our holiday cottages in Sweden, you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. Whilst many of our holiday homes are situated in areas of amazing natural beauty, lots of them are still within an easy drive of great cultural hubs such as Malmo, Stockholm and Gothenburg. Make the most of the vast array of activities and discover the history of Sweden, taking the time to explore any number of quaint villages, perhaps taking the chance to sample some authentic Swedish cuisine. From memorable family days out to enlightening experiences, self-catering in Sweden has it all!

Discover Swedish history

The history of Sweden dates back thousands of years, with artefacts being found from the Stone and Bronze Ages. The most well-known period of the history of Sweden would be the Viking Age, which continues to shape the Swedish culture today. The Vikings of course set out to plunder and conquer areas all along the Baltic Coast; they developed strong trading links with some of the most powerful Empires of the time such as the Byzantine. Uncover the history of the famous Vikings whilst self-catering in Sweden and visit some of the fantastic historical sites left behind from the various periods in Swedish history!

Holiday cottages in Sweden - history and monuments

Sweden was divided into lots of different provinces for much of its history; a fact which has inevitably affected the Swedish culture from region to region. By the 14th century they had a thriving trade with Germany, so much so that many of the towns which you will find during your stay in one of our carefully all you need to know about Sweden in Sweden today only sprung up as a result of the boom in trade. You will have lots of opportunity to explore the history of trade in Sweden and how this has influenced and shaped the culture of the country today during your stay in one of our villas to rent in Sweden.

Historical monuments and sights to see in Sweden

You will find whilst staying in our lovely Sweden holiday accommodation that there are plenty of things to do in Sweden as well as lots of great sights to visit. Among some of the best would have to be the wonderful Swedish History Museum, where you will find some of the country's best Viking Exhibits, medieval artworks and artefacts from the most famous battles in Swedish history. On the lovely island of Lovo, you will find the beautiful Drottningholm Palace, one of Sweden's most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can also visit the oldest village in Sweden - Sigtuna - in the lush greenery of Uppland whilst self-catering in Sweden with NOVASOL.