Spend your next holiday in our Swedish holiday homes

Sweden is a fantastic destination at any time of year for memorable self-catering holidays in Northern Europe as it has something on offer for every type of holidaymaker; whether you are looking for relaxing beachside escapes in our seafront Swedish holiday homes, or countryside getaways in one of our lovely Swedish holiday cottages situated in the picturesque rolling hills. Spending a holiday in Northern or Southern Sweden also provides plenty of opportunity for active self-catering holidays in our Sweden accommodation, with a wide variety of outdoor sports on offer and lots of beautiful landscapes to explore.

Self-catering holidays in Sweden

Unwind on the sandy beaches in Öland, Scania and Halland, or explore the rugged natural beauty of the rocky coast of Bohuslänand the skerries of the eastern coast. With over 3,000 holiday cottages in Sweden for you to choose from, we are confident that we can offer you the right holiday accommodation in Sweden to suit whatever needs you may have in whichever location you like. You will have the best of both worlds; many of our holiday homes are in the depth of the unspoilt natural beauty of the Swedish countryside and stunning landscapes yet within an hours’ drive of cities like Malmo, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Swedish holiday homes - cuisine of Sweden

Sweden is widely regarded as one of Europe's richest farming areas and is well-known and respected for its small scale artisan food production. Enjoy a variety of local meats and great fresh seafood; including some of the best salmon in the world! Whilst you will find during your self-catering holidays in Sweden that many Swedes enjoy cooking together at home, there are a variety of great restaurants, bistros, bars and cafes across the country, within easy reach of your holiday homes in Sweden - which serve both traditional Swedish cuisine as well as culinary offerings which are popular across Europe.

Self-catering Sweden - Swedish cuisine

The typical cuisine of Sweden is as varied as its many regions and is greatly influenced by the huge seasonal changes that Sweden experiences every year; from the constant light of the summer time to the freezing temperatures of winter. You will also find whilst self-catering in Sweden in one of our hand-picked holiday homes, that there is a huge abundance of different ingredients and produce available for you to try and to cook with. You may even find local foraging opportunities to be your favourite family activity in Sweden - so why not make the most of your holiday in self-catering Swedish accommodation with NOVASOL?

Enjoy some typical Swedish cuisine

Swedes are well-known for being balanced and generally health conscious and active, which is reflected in the cuisine of Sweden. Within the Swedish culture there is lots of emphasis on freshness as well as self-sufficiency so you will frequently find during your stay in Swedish self-catering holiday homes that the ingredients used in traditional Swedish cuisine have been grown in the surrounding area. Dairy products, delicious freshly baked breads, berries and stoned-fruits as well as meats - sometimes gamey meat such as reindeer - make up the bones of the traditional Swedish cuisine.

Holiday homes in Sweden - Swedish cuisine

There are of course many different traditional Swedish dishes that we would recommend trying during your stay in our self-catering holiday homes in Sweden but among the most popular which you are likely to come across include the traditional Swedish meatballs, often served with an accompaniment of a delicately flavoured cream sauce and the famous lingonberry jam. Other dishes which may seem unusual to us but which are very popular in Sweden are 'fruit soups'; such as the lovely rose-hip or blueberry soups, both of which are common in Swedish culture. Of course fish plays an integral role in the cuisine of Sweden, with pickled herring served with potatoes in various forms featuring on many menus.