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Visit a typical bodega anywhere in Spain and have an authentic drink with the locals! The Spanish people are very hospitable, exuberant and more than willing to teach you about their local food and drink. Sherry is a popular choice in many locations in Spain. The name of this typically Spanish fortified wine comes from the Arabic name ‘Sherish’, where sherry comes from. Sherry from Andalusia was popular in Europe in the 18th century. Due to the relatively high alcohol content, it is drunk around restaurants, bars and villas in mainland Spain preferably in the evening or as a digestive.

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During the ‘Solera’ aging process, the wine is blended together from three rows of different aged barrels and then extracted. The row of barrels on the ground (the meaning of Solera) is the set which will be sold as Sherry. Here there will only be taken a maximum of one third of the contents, and the space in the barrel will be filed by the next oldest row of drums. This principle continues to the uppermost row of barrels where the withdrawn amount is refilled with new wine. In this way, the young wine is blended with the older vintages. Go to local wineries to learn more about wine and the best pairings with Spanish cuisine!

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In various bodegas, restaurants bars and specialty shops you will find a full range of sherries. From the dry, yellow Fino and the Manzanilla from Sanlúcar de Barrameda with its slightly bitter taste, to the dark, heavy and full-bodied real Amontillado. The selection is huge, so fans of sherry are bound to find something you enjoy whilst renting your villas in Spain. The classic sherry grape is Palomino Fino. These grapes are first pressed for Sherry to a dry white wine. Brandy is added to the young wine - Mosto - and then it is matured for a year in the tank.

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