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The Way of St. James usually refers to the pilgrimage made by St. James across Spain, ending at Santiago de Compostela. There are many routes to follow, the Camino Francés or ‘French route’ being the most popular. Many choose to make this journey- whether for fitness, religion, for a personal challenge or to appreciate the scenery along the way. So be sure to walk here whilst renting your villas in Spain!

Spain villas and the Camino Francés

Formed in the 11th century with a distance of about 800 kilometres between the Pyrenees and Santiago de Compostela, this major route passes Jaca, Pamplona, ​​Estella, Burgos and León and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for Spain. If you are interested in cultural monuments, this is a great way to see the country from your villas in Spain.

Symbols and signs along the Way of St. James

The scallop shell for many reasons has taken on a new level of symbolism in relation to this pilgrimage and St. James. See how many you can spot from your Spain villas! Washing up constantly on the shores of Galicia, this shell is meant to represent St. James’ apparition of Mary emerging from the waters. The grooves on the shell also reflect the various routes on the Way of St. James.

Along with the normal yellow arrows, scallop shells can be spotted along the walkways to indicate direction. The staff is also a recurring motif in Christianity but also for travellers, so this has gained local significance in relation to the walk. Before Ponferrada, you might like to take a symbolic worry stone or shell to bring back to your holiday rentals Spain.

Santiago de Compostela

The aim of the pilgrimage is reaching Santiago de Compostela, the capital of the autonomous community of Galicia. All routes end here, so this is a great destination to explore local architecture, culture, religion and tradition before heading to your holiday rentals Spain.

The world-famous cathedral rests on a tomb, which has been attributed to the apostles, and houses many fascinating religious relics. Next to the cathedral and the Hospital of los Reyes Católicos is also one of the oldest hostels in the world. Whilst renting holiday lettings Spain, you could also spend an unforgettable evening strolling through the old town and along the Rua do Vilar.