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In the Balearic Islands there are thousands of windmills, most of them located in Majorca. Spend your swimming, walking or cycling holidays in a Majorcan finca and either appreciate these rustic structures as you navigate the island, or go on a specific windmill tour! Many of the windmills can be found in the plain just east of Palma de Mallorca. Some are still functioning, whilst others are static but nevertheless beautiful and intriguing. Spanish villas are the perfect starting place to discover Majorca’s windmills, and they are a great focal point for artists, history enthusiasts and those who enjoy the rural landscape surrounding their villas Majorca alike.

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The windmills have their origin among the Persians and Romans, whilst they also experienced a later renaissance. Mills from the 15th century served to grind grain and are therefore to be found in the fertile regions in Majorca where crops are produced. Find a villa to rent in Spain and discover the green face of the capital! Besides Crete, Majorca has the largest concentration of windmills in the Mediterranean region. They had their heyday where also olive oil was pressed in 17th and 18th centuries. Perhaps whilst you rent your cottages with hot tubs or swimming pools, pay a visit to El Molinar – the fishing village named after the many windmills that once stood there.

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Younger mills from the 19th century serve as wind pumps and raise the ground water and irrigation. Discover this ingenious water lifting system with holiday homes in Spain as many of them have been preserved, restored and are now operable. The oldest water mill from 1845 uses the mill in the plain of Sant Jordi near the airport of Palma. Visit this symbol of the island from your villas with pools, apartments or dog friendly cottages!

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The windmills of Majorca are slightly different to other places. They have one more wing than elsewhere and their arms resemble the rigging of a ship. Enjoy this unique feature and rent villas in Costa del Sol or the Canary Islands to see how they differ! These some 3,300 structures in Majorca are an integral part of local inheritance. In 1993 the Balearic Government founded the school FODESMA with the aim of training young people in traditional windmill-building. Since establishing the school, 73 windmills have been renovated and brought into operation!