Nature parks

Discover the natural reserve of Ses Salines I Villas in Ibiza

The protected nature park called ‘Parque Natural de Ses Salines d'Eivissa i Formentera’ covers a large area of ​​15,400 hectares! This includes the area just south of the island of Ibiza and also north of the island of Formentera. Also included are the archipelagos of s'Espalmador, s'Espardell and Des Penjats. Discover whilst self-catering Ibiza the array of different ecosystems both on land and water. The dunes, beaches, wetlands, cliffs and rocky coastal areas with centuries old cedars are can be found in this, the largest and most respected nature reserve in Ibiza whilst you are self-catering Spain.

Self-catering Spain and the salt mines of Ses Salines

Ses Salines is not only beautiful, but also a major salt production area in ​​the Mediterranean. A tour of this processing centre and the museum in Sant Francesc is recommended and can easily be arranged whilst self-catering Spain. Returning to these ancient basins where salt has been produced for ages should bring a new way of thinking about this table top seasoning. Over several millennia, the salt mines were the main source of income of Ibiza and this ‘white gold’ has been valuable since the Middle Ages.

NOVASOL holiday lettings Spain I Wildlife

Aside from the incredibly diverse and captivating landscapes to be appreciated in the natural parks in this region, there is an incredible population of wildlife to be discovered during your stay in our villas to rent in Ibiza. There are 6 species of invertebrates, 11 species of reptiles and 5 species of mammals found only in Ibiza and Formentera! Birds in particular thrive here, as the entire area is habitat of endangered species, a breeding ground, and a transit route for many of our winged friends. Hundreds of Flamingos are recorded here annually, which can be a really special experience for children and nature enthusiasts alike. You may even spot a rare bird from your villas in Ibiza!

Under the sea I Self-catering Ibiza with NOVASOL

There are underwater plants and corals found only in the Mediterranean, which are home to many rare species. The Ses Salines seagrass meadows are so vital to the marine ecosystem that they have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. The meadows form natural barriers off the coast, allowing the protection of beaches and dunes, whilst also contributing to the purification of the water and the wellbeing of species feeding here. We suggest swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving or a boat trip around some of these amazingly diverse waters whilst renting your holiday lettings Spain!