National Park

Enjoy the National Parks in El Hierro whilst staying in Villas in Canaries with NOVASOL!

Although El Hierro is the smallest of the seven larger Canary Islands, you will find that some of the most beautiful, natural landscapes in the archipelago can be seen and enjoyed here, if you have chosen a holiday rental in Spain in El Hierro. The island itself is mountainous and features forests along with arid areas and numerous volcanic peaks. So despite the relatively small size of (approx. 270 square kilometres) it will now come as no surprise to hear that there are actually a good number of parks on the island such as the protected landscapes of Frontera Rural Park, the natural parks of Mancafete and Roques de Salmor and the landscapes and natural monuments of Las Playas, ventejís and Timijiraque.

The unique mosaic of landscapes and small residential pockets never fails to surprise you, especially those visiting the island for the first time. So take a day out from your Spanish holiday villas in the Canary Islands and explore the parks in El Hierro witness first-hand the amazing landscapes, wherevisitors can also choose to bathe beside a marine reserve. Later in the day embrace the centuries of history recorded in the tree trunks of a juniper forest, where you can walkalong pathways between woods and rain-forests that reflect times gone by. And if your energy levels start to fade, maybe it is time to take a break next to one of the marine reserves and enjoy fresh fish with potatoes and mojo sauce, before heading back to your holiday home.

Frontera Rural is the largest park on the island and is very popular both with holiday-makers during their villa holidays in the Canary Islands, as well as with the locals. With the Frontera Rural park you will find there is a huge variety of ecosystems in existence.

Also not to be missed during your villa holidays in the Canary Islands:

  • Bosque de Laurisilva (Wild Laurel Forest)

A vestige of the forests predominant in earlier times can be found in the highlands among these magnificent laurel trees, ferns and mosses.

  • El Sabinar

Very much an enchanted forest which seems to be full of magical, wind-twisted junipers. This type of forest, with trees up to eight metres tall, only grows in three places around the world and as such is a icon of El Hierro!

  • El Fayal

This is the area common for oak and beech trees as well as eucalyptus, which represent a classic example of flora introduced by man.

  • El Julan

Where you’ll see some amazing and truly fascinating rock formations and also some petroglyphsleft by the Bimbaches (first noted inhabitants) hundreds of years ago. The area has been put forward for consideration by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

So start your exploration today as you research and plan your itinerary, just don’t forget to choose a NOVASOL holiday home from our Spanish holiday rentals in El Hierro so that we can enjoy it with you!