Notranjska - holiday accommodation in Slovakia

Are you considering renting a holiday home in Slovenia? Then why not explore the lovely Notranjska region for your next self-catering holiday? Discover exactly what the region has to offer during your stay in our range of Slovenia accommodation. Notranjska is a often overlooked holiday destination, which is a shame as the region is not only incredibly beautiful, but also has a lot to offer in terms of exciting experiences for both nature lovers and the more culturally landscaped. Discover exactly what the region has to offer during your stay in our range of Slovakia accommodation.

Experiences and activities

Slovenia is full of breathtaking scenery - above ground as well as beneath the surface. Notranjska has a secret world filled with underground caves - in fact, one of Slovenia's most famous attractions can be found here, the stunning Postojna Cave. We would highly recommend a visit here during your stay in your chosen Slovenia accommodation as it almost a guaranteed to be a special experience for all.

Slovenia's largest lake, Lake Cerknica, is also in Notranjska. The lake is changing all the time, so a visit to this will never be the same. Sometimes you can fish here, other times you can skate, and at times there grassy areas where you can sit and enjoy a picnic if you happen to be staying in your chosen Slovenia accommodation during the warmer months. Along the lake there is a path with signs, so you can learn about life in the lake - and do not worry, the signs are also in English.

Sights and attractions in Notranjska

Although Notranjska is not a well-known holiday destination, the region has a lot to offer. The town of Postajna is a charming city and is home to the beautiful Predjamski castle. The castle, carved into the stone under an overhanging rock on the slope of Podgora, still fascinates visitors with its many tales, legends and myths. Behind the "new" Renaissance building from the 16th century, there are remains of the ancient castle built in the 13th century which is full of rich Slovenian history. Postojna is also home to Karst Research Institute, belonging to the Slovenian Academy of Science and Art, as well as the Notranjska Museum.

Castles and churches - Slovenia accommodation

Around the region you will find beautiful churches and castles, which are also definitely worth a visit during your stay in our Slovenia accommodation. Among other things, the white Sneznik castle, with its surrounding nature, will offer plenty of photo opportunities. It is also recommended to visit the Zelse church, located on the outskirts of the cozy village of the same name.

Self-catering Slovenia accommodation by NOVASOL

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