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Holiday homes in Prešov - Slovakia accommodation

Prešov is a region in the northeast of Slovakia, bordering the Viscount Tatras in the northwest, the Polish in the northeast and the province of Kosice in the south. The range of Slovakia accommodation by NOVASOL in the Prešov region can offer you an excellent starting point for visiting medieval towns, exploring beautiful natural landscapes or simply takign some time out to relax and unwind. You can visit Presov at any time of the year because there are lakes and rivers where you can catch fish during the summer, as well as the High Tatras where NOVASOL offers comfortable houses that are perfect for wintering with the whole family. If you want to spend your next holdiay in a beautiful country, where the whole family can find something to enjoy, then our range of Slovakia accommodation in the Prešov region is the right destination for you.

Experience in the city of Prešov from your Slovakia accommodation

Prešov offers a wonderful vacation experience in Slovakia and the capital of the region of the same name is definitely worth a visit. Presov is the third largest city in Slovakia and has a very interesting history and today is a beautiful multicultural city with a cobbled old town. Not only the Slovakians, but also the Ukrainians and Poles, gave their spirit to the city, and they all formed the largest city of the northeast of Slovakia. From your Slovakia accommodation in Prešov you can visit numerous cultural attractions or go on day trips to some of the medieval towns in the region. In the city you will find numerous restaurants, cafes and bars, where you can sit down and recharge after a long day sightseeing.

Sights and attractions not to miss in Prešov

Most of the cultural sights are in the city center. The main square is dominated by the Church of St. Nicholas from the 14th century with its Gothic bells. The square surrounds the magnificent buildings of the Slovak Renaissance as well as the palaces, among which the most famous is the Rákózci palace, which houses numerous museums and is also the stage of numerous cultural events in the city. In the city you will find numerous streets full of shops and parks where you can sit down and enjoy the beauty before returning to your chosen Slovakia holiday apartments or holiday homes. Near the city there is the famous museum of Andy Warhol, caves and nature reserves as well as national parks.

Active holidays in the beautiful nature of the Prešov region

The landscape that dominates this beautiful region of Slovakia is mountainous and has the highest mountain in the country. The highest peak is Gerlachov at more than 2600 meters above sea level. Large rivers flow through the landscape and bring life to the surrounding cities that were created here in ancient times. In the region you have a wide selection of wellness centers and resorts which you can enjoy during your stay in your chosen Slovakia accommodation. A large number of thermal baths are supplied with thermal mineral water. Why not relax in the in one of the thermal baths, massage pool or sauna and swim a couple of laps after a morning spent sightseeing or shopping? 

National Parks in the Prešov region

In this province, there are several national parks, such as the Tatra National Park, the Poloniny National Park and the Pieniny National Park where you can explore the fantastic nature and see many unique animal species, including the brown bear and eagles. If you choose to spend your holiday in our apartments or holiday homes to rent in Slovakia in the summer, mountain landscapes are ideal for peaceful walks and mountain biking, and in the valley you can play golf, go kayaking or canoe on rivers or lakes. In winter you can go on a ski trip to High or Low Tatras, and some of the most popular thermal spas are located in the area. In the middle of a beautiful nature you can visit the large fortresses and castles in Prešov region, which tell a special story about the history and legends of this magical region of Slovakia.

A magical holiday in the Presov area

This region played an important role in events in the history of Slovakia. Dramatic events were happening in cities, nature and a large number of castles that rise above beautiful panoramas. The most important castle is Spis, which is also the largest ruin of central Europe. It was built during the twelfth century and was an important political economic and cultural center of this part of the region that belonged to Hungary. Why not take a day trip and have breakfast in the beautiful historic village of Spisská Kapitula. Browse our range of Slovakia accommodation in the Prešov region and prepare for unique holiday experiences in this fabulous area.