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Košice is a region in eastern Slovakia, home to the capital of the same name, which is also the second largest city in Slovakia. Spend your next self-catering holiday in one of our range of Slovakia accommodation in Košice and visit interesting medieval towns with exciting activities and attractions or relax in the numerous nature reserves and national parks of the region. The region is especially popular in summer and autumn, when nature is the most beautiful and there are numerous cultural events taking place. If you do decide to visit Slovakia for your next self-catering holiday then we would highly recommend getting to know this lovely region. 

Discover a holiday in one of the holiday houses in Kosice

The Košice region is situated on the river Hornád and has a long and exciting history that you can discover during your holiday in Slovakia. Due to the strategic location between the Baltic Sea and the Balkans, the city has played an important role in the Slovakian history for centuries, as well as acting as both a commercial and cultural centre. Today, the city is dynamic and lively and can easily be explored from your holiday homes in the Košice region. Košice offers many attractions and an exciting cultural life with numerous museums and theaters for you to explore.

Things to see and do from you Slovakia accommodation

The historical centre of the city is home to most of the sights. The center is the "Hlavné námestie" square, which is rightly considered one of the most beautiful squares in Slovakia. The square is surrounded by several historic buildings and monuments. Here you will find the gothic cathedral of Saint Elizabeth, the largest in Slovakia. Between the cathedral and the theater is the lively square, which is filled with bars playing live music, cosy cafés and lovely local restaurants where one can enjoy some delicious Slovakian cuisine. In the southern part of the square is the Eastern Slovakia Gallery, perfect for those of you looking for a bit of culture in Slovakia. If you need a quiet moment during your stay in one of our holiday homes in Košice, you can stroll in one of the city's many parks, such as the beautiful botanical garden, where there is enough room for a relaxing walk.

Holiday homes in picturesque surroundings

If you decide to spend your next self-catering holiday home in Košice, then you will find a variety of beautiful landscapes; from dramatic mountain peaks to the Slovakian lowland, which is partly under sea level. In the Košice region you will find two national parks - the Slovak Paradise Park and the Slovensky Kras National Park - both of which are easy to reach from your Slovakian holiday homes in Košice. The landscape is also charatersied by its numerous caves, some of which have even been awarded a UNESCO statua. For example, the ice cave Dobsinska, the charming Ochtinská Aragonite cave, the Jasovska cave with its unique history and the mineral-rich domica cave. All these caves are open to the public and have been on the UNESCO list for years. Let yourself be enchanted by beautiful and unique rock formations and learn more about the formation of the caves. The mineral waters of the region are used in the area's spa resorts which you can visit during your self-catering holidays in our Slovakia accommodation.

Unique holiday experiences await in Kosice

Since Kosice was chosen as the cultural capital of Europe in 2013, the city is now booming and the cultural scene is more vibrant than ever. Modern bars, city tours and new, modern restaurants give the city a lively atmosphere. Despite all the innovations, the unique Slovakian culture and traditions have been preserved - whether in architecture, music and dance, or traditional craftsmanship.  The blend of tradition and modernity is part of what makes self-catering in Slovakia so special. Of course, no self-catering holiday in our Slovakia accommodation would be complete without sampling some local delicacies, such as the bryndzové halusky (bacon dumpling).

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