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Slovakia is a diverse country which is relatively undiscovered when compared with other European self-catering holiday destinations. It offers its visitors the chance to explore enchanting scenery, swim either crystal clear lakes or relaxing hot springs and visit a number of fantastic historical sites which range from the prehistoric to sites of significance in the Slovak culture. Slovakia is also a country where the folk culture, passes through the ages, is still alive and well for you to enjoy during your self-catering holidays in our Slovakia accommodation. Our range of accommodation in Slovakia ranges from cosy cottages in the mountains to large villas and Slovakia holiday homes with private pools.

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Slovakia apartments – history and culture

In the villages, towns or the larger bustling cities, including the capital city of Sofia, you will be able to enjoy all of the rich and varied historical offerings of Slovakia. Whether you are hoping to relax and unwind in nature or you are in search of some Slovak history, culture and cuisine, you can select your Slovakia accommodation accordingly; so you can be within easy reach of the magnificent sights. Slovakia is home to five sites which have been listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, including the historic town of Banksa Stiavnica and the charming wooden churches of the Slovak area of the Carpathian Mountains, which are perfect for a memorable and enriching day trip whist self-catering in our Slovakia accommodation.

History of Slovakia – self-catering holidays

The Slavs settled in what is now Slovakia in the 6th century AD. Since then the country has been ruled by various other nations, including the Hungarians and subsequently it became a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, so naturally this has had an effect on the culture and history of the country. Discover the many varied influences on the Slovakian history during your stay in our Slovakia accommodation. Most of the early economic development of Slovakia came as a result of mining for gold, silver and copper. In the Middle Ages, many Germans settled in Slovakia and the country flourished.

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Holiday homes in Slovakia – History

Any of our lovely Slovakia holiday accommodation options make for the perfect starting point from which to learn more about the Slovakian history. Slovakia is a wonderfully different destination for self-catering holidays in Europe. For many years Slovakia struggled economically and had a high rate of unemployment. However, by the 18th-19th centuries a sense of Slovak nationalism had begun to grow and in the 19th century the Slovak National Revival began. By the time the First Wold War occurred, the Slovaks were so against the Austro-Hungarian Empire that many of them actually defected and fought against them on the Eastern Front. It was only after the war that Slovakia was feed from the Empire, in a union with the Czech Republic – the pairing formed Czechoslovakia.

Modern Slovakian history – Slovakia apartments

It was only in 1993 that the country gained full independence upon the dissolution of the union with the Czechs. Since 2004, Slovakia has been a member of the EU, since 2009, the euro zone. The Slovaks have made an important contribution to the European Development. This includes the establishment of the first capitalist enterprise in Europe, the Thurzo Fugger mining company, in 1475 in Banska Bystrica. The rich folk culture with a variety of costumes, dances, songs and folk art is one of the most interesting and most colourful in Europe. Discover Slovakia from your chosen Slovakia apartments today!