Useful information for your holiday in Slovakia!

Slovakia is a unique and charming country, with so much to see and do during your stay in your chosen holiday homes and apartments in Slovakia. Below, we have compiled a list of information which you may find useful during your holiday.

State name: Slovak Republic, Slovenská Republika (sl.); Short forms: Slovakia (English), Slovensko (Slovak), Slovaquie (French), Eslovaquia (Spanish), Slovakia (Swedish), Slovakio (Esperanto)

Area: 49,034 km²

Inhabitants: 5,423,567 (2004 *)

Capital: Bratislava

National language: Slovak

Regions: Banskobystrický, Bratislavský, Košický, Nitrianský, Prešovský, Trenčianský, Trnavský, Žilinský

Languages: Slovak (official), Czech (trade), Hungarian (minorities)

Climate: Inland climate with dry, hot summers and wet, cold winters. The coldest month is January, July and August are the warmest months. At higher altitudes there is snow for 130 days a year. The average temperature ranges from 0 ° C in January to 21 ° C in July and August. The average maximum temperature in the summer months is around 25 ° C.

Health insurance: Since 1 January 2002 there is a social security agreement between Slovakia and Germany. Nevertheless, we recommend you to take out an additional private health insurance. It is best to ask your travel agent for an insurance package in which various services (eg luggage, liability and international health insurance) are bundled.

Water / Electricity: In older appliances, the hot water boilers are usually heated only at night - with the cheaper nighttime current. That's why we recommend being economical. In particularly hot summers and during periods of low rainfall, water and energy supply may be impaired in some areas. In these cases, you should contact the homeowner so that they can rectify the situation. The quality of the water varies and is not always suitable for drinking. Every now and then, the water has a harmless coloring by the soil or a certain taste. The electricity tariff can be very different, even in neighboring houses. Do not expect cheaper energy costs than in the UK. During peak load periods, power can be cut off by the local power stations on an hourly basis. The announcement by the power plants can be made very quickly.

• Currency: EURO

Public holidays

• January 1st: Independence Day

• movable: Good Friday

• movable: Easter Monday

• May 1: Labor Day

• May 8: Victory Day over fascism

• 29th August: Slovak National Uprising Day

• 1st September: Constitution Day

• September 15: Maria Sieben Leiden

• November: All Saints Day

• November 17: Day of the struggle for freedom and democracy

• 24th December: Christmas Eve

• December 25: 1st Christmas Day

• December 26th: Boxing Day