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Explore East Slovakia whilst staying in our Slovakia accommodation

Eastern Slovakia consists mainly of East Carpathians, a distinctly hilly terrain with many valleys and smaller mountains. The Eastern Carpathians consist of unspoiled nature and is not yet a distinct tourist area. Lovers of adventure are sure to enjoy the wild natural beauty whilst staying in their chosen self-catering accommodation in Slovakia.  The locals are very friendly and hospitable to visitors – you may find yourself being spontaneously invited to a glass of Sliwowitz (local brandy), wine or to sample locally sourced goat cheese.  Many of our well-kept holiday homes have their own sun terrace and outdoor grill, and right outside the door you can go hiking, cycling or in winter skiing in the amazing scenery.

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Exciting experiences whilst self-catering Slovakia

In Eastern Slovakia you will find the High Tatras mountain range and many other medieval mountain landscapes like the Vihorlat volcano in the eastern part of the Slovak mountain range. To the south-east, you have the Slovak lowlands 90-100 meters above sea level, while some smaller ones are even below sea level.  You will soon find if you decide to spend your holiday in our self-catering accommodation in Slovakia that there are plenty of majestic mountains for you to explore.  The region also offers several caves like the Domica and Ochtinská Aragonit caves, all of which are incredibly spectacular.

Visit Košice during your stay in our accommodation in Slovakia

Eastern Slovakia also has a lot of nice towns you’ll find in easy reach of your apartment, all of which contain ancient churches and monuments, museums and charming places. The town of Košice, the second largest city in Slovakia, is known for its historic centre, where you can find many protected Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architects, as well as Slovakia's largest church: St. Elisabeth Cathedral which are sure to provide a unique insight into the unique Slovakian history and culture. On Košice's main street you will find everything from palaces and catholic churches to typical Slovakian shops and cafés.

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Discover the enchanting city of Bardejov during your Slovakia holiday

The city of Bardejov is one of Slovakia's oldest cities, and is often referred to as "the most gothic city in Slovakia" and we would suggest that it is not to be missed whilst self-catering in our hand-picked accommodation in Slovakia. Due to its historic city center, the city has come on UNESCO's World Heritage List to be a prime example of a medieval city in this region. The Museum of Popular Architecture is situated here, where 28 folk buildings from the upper part of the Šariš and the north of Zemplín region have been gathered.

Unwind in one of Slovakia's many spas

For those who love wellness experiences on holiday, we can’t recommend Slovakia enough, and our accommodation in Slovakia is bound to provide the ideal retreat for all your relaxation needs. The many hot springs bubbling underground have resulted in numerous spas such as Dudince, Piešt, Rajecke Teplice, Bardejov, Sliač and Trencian Teplice, located all over the country and which form an important part of the Slovak culture. Rent one of our hand-picked holiday homes in East Slovakia and visit the many thermal baths the country has to offer.

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Lose yourself in one of Slovakia's National parks

Slovakia also has seven national parks and is home to Europe's largest karst area, the Slovenský kras, which is dotted with waterfalls has a number of caves and it’s one of the four sites in Slovakia on UNESCO's world heritage site. The summer is dry with temperatures around 25 degrees but the winter can be very cold with plenty of snow, especially on the high mountains, making Slovakia holiday cottages an ideal choice of skiing destination for your self-catering winter holidays. For those who are not so familiar with Slovakia as a holiday destination, we can tell you that Slovakia is a very versatile holiday destination, offering everything from unspoilt nature, including crystal clear lakes, to countless places where history has clearly made its mark.

The Tatras from above - accommodation in Slovakia

Mt. Lomnický štít is the second highest peak of The Tatras, resembling a three sided pyramid shape and reaches an altitude of over 2600 metres. A red coloured cable car climbs the peak in just eight minutes and for some time this route was the longest personal transport facility of its kind. Mt. Lomnický štít is a must see attraction during your self-catering holidays in our Slovakia accommodation in East Slovakia as it is known for its unbelievable views right over the Tatras.

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