The Culture of Slovakia

Slovakia is a largely undiscovered country in Europe, which offers its visitors the chance to explore its fantastic natural beauty; made up of mountainous and wild areas which are perfect for active self-catering holidays in Europe. Large parts of Slovakia are untouched by mass tourism and so provide excellent relaxation opportunities for those who want to get away from hectic day to day life and escape to our Slovakia accommodation. The country also has a rich folkloric tradition as well as an interesting history and a delicious, heart-warming cuisine for you to try whilst renting our self-catering Slovakia accommodation. If you have not already, we would highly recommend uncovering this hidden gem of Europe!

Self-catering Slovakia accommodation

Choose from our range of lovely holiday accommodation in Slovakia, which includes Slovakia apartments to rent, and you will have the chance to experience and immerse yourself in the Slovakian culture in a way which would probably not be possible if staying in a large resort or hotel. Make the most your trip and indulge in the hearty Slovak cuisine, venture outside of your comfort zone and try some outdoor activities, go for a hike and marvel at the beauty and majesty of the natural scenery of the Slovakian countryside or learn about the Slovak history – all the while knowing that you will have a carefully hand-picked and well equipped holiday homes in Slovakia to return to at the and of the day!

Slovakia accommodation – Culture

Large parts of the Slovak culture have their roots in deeply engrained folkloric traditions. The fact that for centuries Slovakia was controlled and repressed by foreign governments has also had its effect on many elements of Slovak culture; from its music and traditional costumes to its art and literature. You will find if you decide to stay in our Slovakia accommodation and apartments in Slovakia in more than one region that the culture, folklore and associated traditions vary between areas. Perhaps you will even be lucky enough to witness a typical folklore festival when staying in our holiday homes and apartments in Slovakia, which take place throughout the year.

Folklore festivals in Slovakia – traditions

Enjoy an authentic and fun insight into the cultural traditions and folklore of Slovakia during your next self-catering holidays in Europe. The three largest and probably most popular Slovak folklore festivals are those which take place annually in Vchyodna, Myjava and Detva – definitely worth seeing if staying in one of NOVAOL’s Slovakia accommodation options in one of those areas at the time. Each of these festivals has its own unique atmosphere and charm, but one thing which they all have in common is that the majority of people from the town or village take part in some way and there is a general convivial atmosphere which pervades the whole event!

Cultural offerings in Slovakia – Slovakia accommodation

For a relatively small European country, Slovakia is home to a tremendous amount of libraries – over 3,000 it is said! The University Library located in Bratislava contains more than 2 million books. The country also offers its visitors the chance to visit dozens of museums and galleries for you to visit whilst self-catering in Slovakia accommodation. Among the highlights would have to be the Museum of the Slovak Uprising or the Slovak National Museum; which is located in Bratislava is the perfect way to gain some insight into the Slovak history, the musicology and arts.

Celebrations in Slovakia

Of course, you can experience the culture and history of Slovakia by witnessing or taking part in some of the seasonal traditions which take place throughout the year! In Slovakia, there are a number of celebrations and cultural events which take place throughout the year; many of which have their root sin ancient myths, legends and superstitions. We would suggest you try to experience Easter in Slovakia, the Maypole celebrations and the unique St. Lucy’s Day if staying in our Slovakia accommodation at the time!