Slovakian cuisine

Slovakia is a quite mountainous country, which is dominated in the west, in the central part and the north by the so-called Carpathian arc. The country offers visitors a diverse, often wild nature to explore for those in search of active self-catering holidays in Europe. In the northwest are the Roháèe Mountains, in the north the Orava Magura and the Orava Beskydy. In the Middle Slovakia especially the Tatra and the Large and Small Fatra are popular all year round with holiday makers. However, the beauty of Slovakia is that some regions, in which we offer self-catering Slovakia accommodation, are still relatively undiscovered a real find! The country has a rich folkloric tradition as well as an interesting history and a delicious, heart-warming cuisine for you to try!

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The south of the country is fertile and green. In Bratislava, and in the southeastern tip of the country are more lowlands that extend into the Great Hungarian Plain. The largest rivers of Slovakia are the Danube, Tisza, Waag, March and Gran. They are very good for water-sports activities for you to partake in during your self-catering holidays in Slovakia. The Danube region with the cities of Dunajska Streda, Štúrovo, Komárno and Nové Zámky are popular holiday destinations with couples, groups of friends and families alike. In addition, when you choose self-catering accommodation in Slovakia with NOVASOL, including Slovakia apartments, you will have the idea starting point to explore the culture, history and cuisine of Slovakia!

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As well as getting out into the beautiful nature of Slovakia, you will have the chance to explore the Slovak history and, of course, sample the traditional Slovak food and drinks. You will find many influences from the surrounding nations of Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic on the Slovak cuisine during your stay in Slovakian accommodation. You will also find that most restaurants serve hearty and traditional fare, much of which has been passed down tough the ages; this makes self-catering holidays in Slovakia the perfect choice for anyone looking to have a truly authentic experience during their stay.

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The Slovak cuisine is hearty and speaks of the country’s strong ‘rural roots’, with many people in the countryside still sustaining themselves with what they can grow and rear themselves. There will be many different dishes fro your to try whilst renting any one of our Slovakia apartments or holiday homes in Slovakia, many of which involve meat – particularly pork, thick creamy sauces and dumplings. The Slovak cuisine is not light by any stretch of the imagination but it is delicious none the less and guaranteed to warm the soul!

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Typically, lunch is the biggest meal of the day, whilst dinner is lighter. Why not do as the Slovaks do and break for a leisurely lunch between the various activities on offer and sights you will no doubt be seeing during your stay in our holiday accommodation in Slovakia. One very popular and well-known dish in Slovakia is Halusky; similar to the Italian Gnocchi, it has such a widespread popularity that it has actually become part of the Slovakian culture. Cabbage is a big feature in Slovak food and is prepared in a variety of different ways.

Holiday homes in Slovakia

Slovak Cuisine

If visiting Slovakia and staying in our self-catering holiday accommodation in the country at Christmas, then we would suggest sampling the traditional Christmas cabbage soup. A dish which is simple enough in origin but elevates the humble cabbage to great heights. It makes for the perfect winter warmer during your winter holidays in Slovakia, especially if you have been out on the slopes of one of Slovakia’s ski resorts! If self-catering Slovakia during the Easter celebrations then you will no doubt come across Paska, a typical Easter bread, the baking of which symbolises good fortune.