Slovakian holiday homes in Bratislava

Self-catering Slovakia accommodation

Just behind the Slovakian border between Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic lies the charming city of Bratislava, in the German capital, Pressburg. A vibrant, modern city, which is however sadly overlooked.  For anyone looking to explore an up and coming European city, then our options for accommodation in Bratislava might just be for you! Discover the city from all sides and see the best of what the Slovakian capital has to offer, were you can experience a combination of modernity and Slovakian history. On the way through Bratislava you can visit museums, the old town or Bratislava Castle. You can also take a boat trip from Bratislava to the Austrian capital of Vienna by boat on the Danube, a highlight during a holiday in our Slovakia accommodation. Bratislava has a lot of parks and green areas, which offer enough opportunities for hiking or cycling. From one of the central apartments of NOVASOL in Bratislava you can easily walk and experience the capital with its many possibilities. Book your next holiday home or apartment in Bratislava today!

Great sights in Bratislava

The historic Austro-Hungarian influence can be felt everywhere while you stroll through the narrow streets of the well-preserved old town of Bratislava. The old town, which is called "Hlavné Námestie" in Slovakian, is the historical and cultural center of the city. During your holiday in one of the numerous holiday houses in Slovakia or in one of our holiday apartments in Bratislava, you can often observe folklore displays in the summer, browse the markets and enjoy a cup of coffee or a local beer in the in a restaurant tucked away in one of the side streets.

So much to see and discover

However, there is a lot more to see and experience during your self-catering holiday in our Slovakia accommodation than just the old town alone. In addition to the baroque palaces and churches of Maria Theresia and the famous castle, Bratislava is now also a modern cosmopolitan metropolis with attractions such as the Danube Bridge, which is one of the city's sights with its famous television tower and UFO restaurant. Reaching heights of 220m it is the tallest building in Slovakia. In addition to the many Slovakian cultural offerings, you can also go shopping in the pedestrian zone of Bratislava, where you can find everything from designer shops to specialist shops with local delicacies. Other interesting sights are the Blue Church, the St. Martin Cathedral and the Apponyi Palace. All this can be viewed from your holiday home in Slovakia or the apartment directly in Bratislava.

Natural experiences from your holiday apartments in Bratislava

Not only the capital itself but also the region around Bratislava has a lot to offer a wide range of holiday makers, from couples to families. The nature around Bratislava is unique and differs from the rest of Slovakia. The nature reserve "Malé Karpaty" - the Little Carpathians - is located in the middle of the Bratislava region. If you have chosen to rent one of our holiday apartments in Bratislava or even Slovakia accommodation in another area of the country, you should not miss to visit this beautiful natural landscape. Here you can try hikes or more challenging mountain biking tours. On your way through the countryside during the holiday in Slovakia you will come across numerous small, charming villages. Here you can see old vineyards and beer breweries and experience the amazing culture in an authentic setting. From your apartment in Bratislava you can also visit the Botanical Garden, the Zoo or the Koliba Park, where you will find many beautiful hiking trails that belong to the Bratislava Forest Park.

Tips, tricks and gastronomy in Bratislava

Whether you are a wine expert or simply appreciate good wines, follow the wine route through the Little Carpathians. Every place you go by offers you own wine specialties, which pair perfectly with specialties from the regional Slovakian cuisine. There are of course lots of great breweries in the area, we would suggest sampling the Stupavar. Many excellent restaurants also await you in Bratislava, some of our favourites are Modrá Hviezda, right on the castle wall of Bratislava Castle, where you should definitely try the rabbit in red wine sauce. You can also go to the famous Mondieu restaurant where delicious desserts or homemade macaroons are served, a heavenly conclusion for a perfect holiday in a holiday apartment in Bratislava or one of the holiday houses in Slovakia.