Idyllic Holiday

If you are looking for an interesting place to spend your holidays, where there will be no time for boredom and at the same time avoid crowds and noise, then you should consider the Greek island of Sifnos. It belongs to the Cyclades archipelago, and you can get here only by ferry.

On the island you will find everything that is necessary to spend an unforgettable holiday in Greece. Sandy beaches, mountains, historic villages, and everything away from the noisy and noisy resorts. An additional advantage of the island are the numerous remnants of the gold and silver mines, from which the island was famous.

By reserving a holiday home in the Cyclades, you can be sure that you will be rested and satisfied with your holiday from NOVASOL. And that's what it's all about!


Beach holidays

The main purpose of the holiday is, of course, the desire to relax and recharge natural batteries. It is clear. After a year of hard work, in a country where the weather does not pamper us, people want to lie down with a book on the beach or swim in warm water. And these are the conditions Sifnos provides. Along the entire coast, you will find here a lot of sandy, pebble and rocky beaches that encourage you to carefree relaxation. They spend their holidays on the Greek islands, you will have the opportunity to relax on the beaches such as:

Platys Gialos - the most popular beach on Sifnos. It has a sandy ground about 1 kilometer long. There are bars, restaurants and a water sports center. On both sides of the beach, there are view points from which breathtaking landscapes are spread.

Chrissopigi - a picturesque beach surrounded by trees. It is the best place for snorkeling. Next to the beach, on the rock, you can admire the Chrissopigi monastery.

Apokoftos - beautifully situated, quiet sandy and stony beach. Next to the beach there is a cove where you can go fishing.

Vroulidia - a tiny pebble beach, which is surrounded by hills. An ideal place for privacy and silence. There is no infrastructure here, apart from a tavern offering Greek specialties.

Kamares - a beach ideal for families with children. A gentle slope, a lot of sands and practically clean (bottomless) bottom, is great for a family holiday. It is decorated with the Blue Flag.


Attractions in Sifnos


Holidays in Greece are also a great opportunity to get to know local traditions, people and places. Of course, there is no shortage of Sifnos. Local customs and traditions have been cultivated here for thousands of years, so you will have the opportunity to get to know the everyday life of the island's inhabitants. In numerous villages and towns you will find traces of ancient Greece and the Middle Ages. In Exambela, you can admire the "Black Tower" (6th century BC) and the Vrisis Tower and Monastery, which houses the Museum of Byzantine Art. In turn, in the capital of the island - Apollonia - you can admire a dozen or so historic churches. In the picturesque village of Kamares, in addition to the monuments, you will also find the "Black Cave", which formerly was a gold and silver mine.

These are just some of the curiosities you can find in Sifnos. And remember that there are still hills with marked tourist routes and the NATURA protection zone, where you can admire the flora and fauna.

Spending a holiday on the Greek islands, it is also worth taking at least one cruise. Whether it's around Sifnos or the surrounding islands (both inhabited and wild), certainly the views and landscapes will remain in your memory for a long time.