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The central European country of Poland - and our holiday accommodation in Poland - is becoming ever more popular as a destination for self-catering holidays in Europe, attracting families, couples and those in search of history and culture alike. It is a country which has a rich culture, a long history filled with many important events as well some wonderful areas of natural beauty. All of this combines to together to make up the uniquely and intoxicating charm of Poland - which is just waiting for you to discover when you choose self-catering Poland with NOVASOL for your next European holidays.

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Poland is a fascinating destination in which to spend your next getaway and self-catering Poland and gains more and more visitors each year - and not without reason. The scenic beauty of the country, including beaches of fine white sand on the Baltic coast and the spectacular mountains which provide great skiing areas in winter, attract holiday makers who are in search of active self-catering holidays in Europe or those who simply want to relax in lovely surroundings. Whilst the country's long and stormy history coupled with its rich Polish culture and age-old traditions is enough to keep history and culture enthusiasts happy!

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Rent one of our exclusive holiday homes in Poland and you will have the opportunity to learn about the enthralling Polish history and the historical events in Poland which have helped shaped the country today; including the cuisine and culture of Poland. The tale of Poland's history is a long and turbulent one; from its beginnings in the of the early Slavs who first settled the land right through to the hardships of the Second World War and the subsequent creation of modern Poland and its thriving cities such as Warsaw and Krakow - this nation has undergone many changes and fought for its freedom time and time again.

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Delve deeper into the well-known periods of the history of Poland, or uncover something new and surprising whilst staying in our self-catering accommodation in Poland. The history of Poland can be traced back for thousands of years, with many monuments for you to visit whilst self-catering in Poland. The country's so called 'golden age' and the age of the Royal Republic was in around the 16th century; when the country held a lot of power and developed rapidly both economically and socially. However, this was not to last and by the 17th century various powerful empires began to take over.

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By the 18th century the collapse of the Polish Empire was imminent and Russia began to take more and more control of the country. However, as the government of Poland lost its power and the Russians made huge efforts to kill off the Polish culture- with the Polish language even being banned in schools - the people of Poland were determined to keep their Polish cultural heritage alive and so the country existed in a spiritual and social sense even though the official country no longer existed. With the start of World War One, Poles were even forced to fight for the countries who had oppressed them.

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Learn about WWI and II during your stay in our Polish holiday homes. Many battles took place on Polish land in both World Wars, with Poles suffering huge losses. Straight after WWII, Poland was invaded by the Soviet Union who would hold a power over the country until 1953 when Stalin died. It was only at this point in the history of Poland that the country finally began to recover, although democracy didn't arrive in Poland until the 1990's. Learn more about the fascinating Polish history during your stay in our Polish holiday homes to rent all over the country.