Museums, Galleries and Culture

  • Blaafarveverket (The Blue Factory) is a museum with cobalt mines, glasswork and art exhibitions in the municipality of Modum only one hour by car from Oslo. Here you can enjoy the history of the factory, Nordic art, guided tours into the mines and beautiful glassworks. In the shop (Den Blå Butikk) you find Scandinavia’s largest collection of unique glass souvenirs containing real cobalt.
  • Hadeland Folk Museum at Gran is an open-air museum with 27 buildings and archaeological exhibits. The museum also comprises of the old church of Tingelstad, which dates back to the Middle Ages.
  • Villa Fridheim near Krøderen is a wooden fairy-tale castle from 1892. The wooden house functions as a museum. The Norwegian folk tales collectors, Asbjørnsen and Moe etc, are presented here.
  • Vassfaret Bjørnepark (Bear Park) at Flå is located north of Norefjell and is a perfect destination for a day in the nature.


  • Fishing. The Randselva River, between Hønefoss and Jevnaker, is a great fishing area.
  • Storøya in Tyrifjorden Lake. The island is connected to the mainland and has a golf course, as well as marked nature trails, a gallery and an exhibition hall with drawings and paintings of rare and beautiful flora.
  • Hadeland Glassverk in one of Norway's biggest tourist attractions. Production and sales of fine glass design. Hadeland Glassverk is only one hour away from Oslo.
  • You can also spend time on activities such as swimming, walking, and picking berries and mushrooms.