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Spend a self-catering holiday in the Netherlands and you will soon discover that the country has something for everyone; from wonderful Dutch culture on offer; The Hague is interesting for its modern architecture and historic centre. Visit the Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh museums, each being dedicated to the artist. Or the Rijksmuseum, containing a selection of Dutch masters. Rotterdam has interesting architecture, such as the cubic houses. Views from the Dom Tower with its 465 steps are breathtaking. No matter where in the 12 provinces of Holland you decide to stay, we at NOVASOL are confident that we have a great holiday home in Holland which will make it so easy for you to get around and immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Holland.

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The Romans conquered what is now Belgium and the southern part of the Netherlands in around the 1st Century BC and built the country's first infrastructure. When self-catering Holland you will find that the country's infrastructure is world-class - making it incredibly easy to get around and visit as many as you want of the wealth of historical treasures in the Netherlands that are waiting to be explored. Many of our holiday cottages in Holland are within easy reach of the country's historical monuments and sites.

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Since then, control of the nation has changed hands numerous times; which has of course greatly affected the country's culture and the Dutch cuisine. It has been ruled by the Germanic peoples, Franks, Saxons and Frisians; discover these periods of Dutch history during your self-catering holiday in Holland. The Netherlands suffered greatly during the Viking Raids of the 9th and 10th century, but by the Middle Ages the country had begun to flourish as a result of trade. Compared with many other parts of Europe, the Dutch people enjoyed quite a lot of freedom. The values of freedom and justice for all are still prevalent in Dutch culture today - even being celebrated once a year on Liberation Day.

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Eventually, The Netherlands came under the powerful rule of the Habsburg Empire - which controlled much of Europe at the time. Price William of Orange, nicknamed William the Silent, led the fight against Spanish rule in 1572, however the Spanish were not going to take this and a bloody war ensued. Finally, in 1579, 7 provinces joined together and formed the Republic of the 7 United Netherlands. The Netherlands' independence was officially recognised in 1648. In the meantime, many Dutch sailors were exploring the new world; why not pay a visit to the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam during your self-catering holiday in Holland, if you want to learn more about the explorative spirit of the Dutch!

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Holland was neutral during World War I. Never the less the war resulted in a shortage of food. As a reaction to this and the events in Russia, a revolution broke out in the Netherlands, which among other resulted in the right to vote for everybody. Learn more about war-time in Holland during your stay in one of NOVASOL's holiday home in Holland. On May 10, 1940, the Netherlands were invaded by the Germans. After years with cutbacks on defence, the countries defence power was compromised.

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The Netherlands relinquished its neutrality in the 1940s and joined NATO. In 1957, the Netherlands were one of six countries, who signed the Rome Treaty and founded the European Economic Community (EEC), which since has shown to have great effect on export, agriculture and industry within the Netherlands. In 1991, the Maastricht Treaty paved the way for the Euro. See for yourself when self-catering Holland why since then Holland has been considered one of the most liberal and progressively thinking nations in Europe.