Experience the Dutch culture whilst self-catering in Holland

The culture of Holland and the Dutch people is very diverse; it differs across the country's regions and reflects some strong foreign influences which have occurred throughout the history of Holland. So, when self-catering the Netherlands, whether staying in one of our Utrecht apartments or holiday cottages in Holland by the coast; you are sure to encounter a great variety of cultural offerings in any one of the country's 12 provinces. The most distinctive Dutch regional cultural difference you will see whilst self-catering Holland is between the Friesians of the far north of the country and the Brabant and Limburg cultures of the south.

Self-catering holland

Experience the multi-cultural delights of Holland

You will also find that the Dutch are very proud of their multi-cultural society. This is reflected not only in the Dutch culture, but also in the cuisine of Holland; you will find food from across the globe in Holland. In general, the Dutch are known for their open-minded, liberal nature as a society. They are welcoming of other nationalities and embrace foreign cultures; each of which influences their own. The Netherlands has historically been a place of refuge for ethnic minorities who are fleeing from persecution. If you choose to spend you self-catering holiday in Holland, you will see for yourself that the Dutch value the arts and hold art and literature in high esteem; they have a reputation for artistic and literary achievements. The Dutch value their diverse culture so much that they celebrate it each year on ‘Liberation Day’, which heralds the great value of freedom, democracy and human rights.

The culture in Holland – holiday homes

When staying in one of our holiday lettings in Holland, you will likely encounter a lot of nice cheese markets or flower markets if travelling in spring on holiday in the Netherlands. During the summer there are numerous music festivals and by the end of the year you can get in to the festive spirit when visiting the atmospheric Dutch Christmas markets. The Dutch really enjoy being outdoors; therefore in the Spring and Summer months you will find during your stay in our self-catering holiday homes that a large part of the culture revolves around being outside.

The Dutch culture – holiday homes in Holland

Of course, throughout the year there are many great cultural activities in Holland for you to indulge in, including great museums such as the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum or the Stedelijk Museum which has amazing contemporary art and design on display. Why not take a day trip to Amsterdam whilst self-catering Holland with NOVASOL? There are also numerous monuments to the history of Holland which are waiting for you to explore. We would suggest that you make a trip to the famous Anne Frank House for a moving and unique cultural experience.

The culture of Holland – self-catering Holland with NOVASOL

Experience a traditional Dutch New Year; the ‘New Year's Dive’ - 'Scheveningen' - is a tradition in South Holland in which the Dutch ring in the New Year by running and diving into the icy water of the North Sea. This is said to symbolise starting the year off with a clean slate. If you are brave of heart; why not give this daring cultural tradition a go this New Year self-catering Holland with NOVASOL? Whilst this may sound unpleasant, it is actually very refreshing and the strong sense of community which pervades the event makes it really good fun!

Cultural festivals and celebrations in Holland – holiday lettings

There are numerous festivals and celebrations that go on throughout the year in the Netherlands, which celebrate a variety of unique aspects of Dutch culture, staying in a NOVASOL holiday cottage in Holland is the perfect place from which to get out and experience them for yourself. If you are planning to go on a self-catering holiday in Holland in April / May, then we would recommend visiting the region of Flevoland and making a trip definitely visit the Tulip Festival. During the Tulip Festival in Flevoland you'll find more than 2,000 hectares of colourful flower fields full of beautiful tulips. The longest tulip route in the Netherlands can be found in the Northeast Flevoland.