Useful things to know about your self-catering holidays to Montenegro

The quickest way to get to Montenegro is by plane. You can also reach the country by boat via the Mediterranean Sea, by car, by train or by coach.

The Highway Code complies with international standards. Buckle up, observe any speed limits and do not make a phone call while driving.

Vehicle documents

Identification documents such as identity card, passport, driver's license, vehicle registration certificate and the international green card for the respective car are to be carried.

Speed limits

City center: 50 km / h.

Highways: 80 km / h

In addition to these general guidelines it is of course also imperative to pay attention to the speed limits which are indicated by traffic signs.

Other regulations

Since January 1 2007 you also have to drive with low beam during the day.

Motorcyclists and motorists must also carry and wear a safety vest as of 1 January 2007 if they leave their vehicle after an accident, breakdown or any other reason on roads outside built-up areas.

Legal alcohol limit

The official alcohol limit for drivers of motor vehicles is 0.5 per thousand.


Locals and tourists pay a flat rate for using motor vehicles and trailers.

Gas stations

Fuel is available everywhere, including unleaded petrol. The filling station network on the coasts is good, in the interior rather less well developed. For longer trips you should therefore fill up first. Many gas stations accept credit or debit cards.

Roadside Assistance Montenegro Auto Moto Crne Gore Tel: 9807

Police: 122

Fire Department: 123

Emergency doctor: 124

Information: 1181