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Nowhere else can you find so much natural beauty in such a small area as you will whilst self-catering Montenegro. Beautiful and varied landscapes, including the spectacular rugged mountainous regions, wonderful wide beaches on the Adriatic coast, crystal clear lakes and wild rivers flowing through colourful canyons all await should you decide to spend your next self-catering European holidays in Montenegro. The relatively small Balkan country has had various influences throughout the years, all of which have moulded the present day cuisine culture and history of Montenegro.

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Located on the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro is home to some stunning coastal scenery which varies from dramatic and steep cliffs to tiny secluded bays - perfect for you to relax in whilst you are staying in our holiday villas in Montenegro. You can explore the well-preserved medieval towns and villages, including Kotor and Herceg Novi - the perfect chance to discover some Montenegrin history and culture. It borders Croatia in the north and Albania in the south, so influences from both of these countries are clearly visible.

Cuisine to sample whilst self-catering in Montenegro

Take the opportunity to stroll around fascinating ports and coastal towns, built in the old Mediterranean style whilst self-catering in Montenegro. Of course, no stay in our self-catering holiday accommodation would be complete without sampling some of the wonderful Montenegrin cuisine. The typical food of Montenegro has a distinctively Italian flair, which can be seen in the way bread is made, meat is cured and in the traditional stews that you will find whilst self-catering Montenegro in any of our villas and holiday apartments in Montenegro.

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As well as some delicious Italian inspired dishes to try during your stay in our holiday homes in Montenegro, there are also some Turkish influences for you to discover as well as some Hungarian dishes such as Goulash making an appearance! One of the many benefits of self-catering is that you can choose whwther to eat out at a local restaurant or even to cook in the kitchen pf your Montenegro accommodation. The people of Montenegro love desserts and there are plenty of different ones for you to indulge in! Be sure to try the Priganice, a delicious and sinfully indulgent fried doughnut.

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As is the case with many European countries, the cuisine - as well as the cultural traditions of Montenegro - varies from region to region. In coastal areas, along the beautiful blue Adriatic Sea, you will find plenty of wonderfully fresh seafood cooked in an authentic Mediterranean style; whilst in the northern highland area you will find more meat, especially lamb, on offer for your to try whilst self-catering in Montenegro with NOVASOL. Soups and stews are common and often served as a first course at the lunchtime meal, which in Montenegrin culture is the larger meal of the day.

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If you decide that you wish to spend your next self-catering holidays in Europe in one of our hand-picked options for holiday accommodation in Montenegro, then we are confident that you will enjoy the freedom and flexibility that goes along with these types of holiday. If self-catering in Montenegro you can either spend your days exploring the beautiful local towns and villages, or enjoying the unspoilt panoramic vistas. Or you may decide that you simply want to relax on one of the many picture-perfect beaches or even by the pool of your chosen villas in Montenegro. With one of NOVASOL's holiday homes or apartments, you will be able to choose exactly how you wish to spend your days; including where when and what you would like to eat.