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The delightful country of Luxembourg, bordered by Belgium, France and Germany is one of the smallest nations in Europe. However, it is one of the most fascinating and a very popular destination for self-catering holidays in Europe. Despite its size, Luxembourg draws lots of visitors each year who come to enjoy the breath-taking scenery and fantastic facilities for sports lovers, family holidays as well as those who enjoy wellness, culture and nature. Luxembourg has something for everyone and by choosing self-catering Luxembourg accommodation by NOVASOL you can explore at your own pace; discovering the Luxembourgish cuisine and culture.

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Self-catering holidays in Luxembourg with NOVASOL

As you will soon discover during your self-catering holidays in our Luxembourg accommodation, the cuisine that you will find in this delightful country is strongly influenced by the cuisines of its neighbours; France, Germany and Belgium. In recent years self-catering Luxembourg has welcomed immigrants from Southern European countries such as Italy and Portugal and so, the cuisine and Luxembourgish culture has been influenced and shaped by their arrival. Don't miss out on some delicious and authentic Luxembourgish cuisine whilst staying in our Luxembourg accommodation! Some of the most popular dishes which you are likely to come across include; a variety of fruit tarts, potato pancakes, green bean soup and the famous Miel Luxembourgeois – a type of honey unique to the country which is protected by EU Law!

Luxembourg holiday homes - Luxembourgish cuisine

If you decide to spend your self-catering holidays in Luxembourg in one of our hand-picked European holiday homes, you will have the chance to sample the delicious and diverse cuisine. When dining out in a restaurant during your stay in our holiday lettings in Luxembourg - which includes Luxembourg apartments - you will find lots of typical French dishes on the menu, as well as some German and Belgian ones. Although the cuisine of Luxembourg has taken inspiration from these countries, it does offer lots of uniquely Luxembourgish dishes for you to try whilst staying in one of our holiday homes.

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Delicious Luxembourgish cuisine

Many of the traditional dishes of Luxembourg which you should try to sample during your stay in our Luxembourg accommodation are derived from the peasant dishes of by-gone centuries; so on the whole the fare is hearty, simple and delicious! During your stay in any one of our holiday homes in Luxembourg you will come across many different delicacies to try; particularly lovely are the multitude of sweet pastries on offer. You will often find that a number of different pastries are baked for special occasions; such as the Bretzel, which is traditionally baked on the third Sunday of Lent or 'Pretzel Sunday'!

Dishes to try whilst self-catering Luxembourg

Another sweet offering which we would suggest not missing out on during your holiday in our Luxembourg accommodation is the Verwurelter, a typical Luxembourgish small fried doughnut which is coated in sugar, a lovely sweet treat with a coffee in the afternoon whilst you are staying in our self-catering holiday homes in Luxembourg. The speciality cheese of Luxembourg is the 'Kach Keis'; a tasty soft cheese which is perfect for spreading on fresh bread. You will also be able to sample a number of delicious dishes made from of the fish found in Luxembourg's fresh and clear rivers.

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Luxembourgish cuisine - traditional dishes

One of the most common and most loved dishes of Luxembourg is the famous Judd mat Gaardebounen. The dish is widely considered to be the national dish of Luxembourg and so no self-catering Luxembourg holidays for meat eaters would be complete without trying it. It consists of a tender smoked pork collar, which is soaked overnight and subsequently boiled with spices and served with potatoes and broad beans. This dish is so popular it has become engrained in the culture of Luxembourg. The cuisine of Luxembourg is also renowned for its delicious 'Thuringer' - grilled Luxembourg sausages which taste like a spicy version of Bratwurst.